Monday, November 4, 2013

Live Happy

I've written about Happiness a bunch of times on this blog - I guess it's one of those themes in my life.  I think life is most fulfilling when we have happiness, joy, peace, and all those other warm fuzzy type things.

I think happiness can be simple or complex.  I think happiness can come in a season of joy or in a season of sorrow.

And I think some people spend a lot of time and energy pursuing happiness, never stopping to allow happiness to just be part of living.

Last week, I received an email about a new magazine called Live Happy.  I received an online version of the mag to peruse.  And I flipped through a few pages and was hooked.

I think one of the main reasons I don't read magazines is because it seems like most of what is out there is either bad news or somehow going to leave me feeling "less than."

I don't do the news magazines because it's all bad news - wars and crime and disasters.

I stopped doing parenting magazines as my kids got a little older.  I don't need ideas on toilet training and I don't need to know how to introduce solids.

I'm not into celebrities or entertainment news.

I like the idea of fitness or healthy living magazines but most of them leave me feeling like I'm not measuring up.

I'm not into fashion or beauty or home decor.

But I am totally into happiness.  How to live a happy life, how to share happiness with others, how to make the world a happier place.

The first thing that caught my eye was the opening from the Editor - Karol DeWulf Nickell.  Four main points are made and each struck a chord with me.

- Happiness is a lifelong journey that is different for each of us.
- Authentic happiness is the kind that lasts.
- Understanding happiness takes an open mind.
- Applying happiness is easy to do and its effect multiplies with repetition.

The premiere issue had an article on teaching kids about compassionate giving.  It had some easy to make gift ideas (easy enough that I could even make them).  Articles on people doing happy things, articles on why finding your life partner is part of happiness, book suggestions, happiness in a family system, being thankful.

I read through it and actually jotted down some notes.  Things I wanted to try, ideas that sat with me.

What I really like about this magazine is that it's not just a bunch of fluff.  This premiere issue isn't about "dressing in these bright colors will make you happy" or "here's a magic elixir that guarantees happiness" or "make you rhome happy by decorating like this" or anything like that.  As one article states, "True contentment takes more than mirth and smiley faces. Meaning and service to others are essential elements of the well lived life."

And now there's this magazine with ideas on those elements, ways to have meaning, ideas for giving.

If you see a copy out there... pick it up and flip through it.  Maybe it will speak to you the way it spoke to me.

Life balance
Healthy living
Time with family
Generosity toward others
Fun with friends
Compassionate giving
Understanding of self
Faith, spirituality

Where do you want to focus on right now?  Where are you lacking in the happiness department?  Where are you doing great or making strides (or even baby steps)?


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