Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Family #Nerd Day (Giveaway)

Our church has a group of sci-fi and superhero and smarty pants loving people in it.

You know - nerds.

And from time to time, they get together. They call it Nerd Night. They watch movies and eat and talk nerdy stuff. Or they actually go out to a movie (some are even known to wear Star Trek shirts to a Star Trek premiere). That's what I'm told anyway - I've never actually gone to one of these Nerd Nights. But my husband goes.

Recently, there was a Nerd Night. Movies of choice were Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America. Food included chips and dip and some sort of crave pack from White Castle. You know - nerd food (apparently).

And my children were jealous. Guardians is a favorite movie in our house. And dad getting to go watch this favorite movie without them... it was a travesty.

But good news and opportunity abounds!!

Mom is going away this weekend. So mom suggested a Family Nerd Day (in her absence, of course). The list of possible movies and TV shows to watch is pretty endless.

And then the Nerd Mecca presented itself.

Wizard World Comic Con Indianapolis

Yep - it's this weekend.

So now the husband and children will have a plan far beyond their expectation.  This is no simple "watch a superhero movie" type of day. This will be all about people in costume, actors making appearances, and a wide array of all things comic, sci-fi, game, and more.

Want to know something really awesome?  I've got 2 weekend passes for a family of 4 to giveaway to 2 lucky readers!! If you've got a family of nerds... or are part of a family of nerds (I have my nerdy side... Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Captain America are all soft spots for this mama)... enter to WIN!

And if you know that this is an event you simply can't miss and you must buy tickets... I'm offering you a 40% off discount code! Use the code INDY40 to receive 40% off on general admission tickets!

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This Valentine's Day - show your nerd how much you love them by taking them to the Wizard World Comic Con!

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Joanna said...

My fandoms are Firefly & Star Trek!

Joanna said...

Our nerdiness was established early... after dinner on our first date, we ended up at Best Buy. Almost 12 years later, and we're doing our best to bring our kids up Nerdy! :)

kelly said...

My son loves Harry Potter and just recently got into Dr. Who.

Diana Samuel said...

We love Dr. Who!

kelly said...

Been spending hrs watching Dr. Who in our free time. Trying to support our 13 yr old in his growing nerdy interests. :)

Diana Samuel said...

We dressed kids up as super heroes for a function at Children's museum once and won a 10$ gift card for dressing up!!!

Brandi said...

I would love to go check it out. I have never been. I cant think of anything nerdy we've done. I don't think my family would play along.

Bella's mama said...

Harry potter. Would love to check this out

MattDanTodd said...

Star Wars! Nothing but Star Wars! Gimme that Star Wars! :)

MattDanTodd said...

The nerdiest thing we've done? Probably dressing the family and our dog as Star Wars characters at the big pet parade in my hometown.