Friday, July 10, 2009

Green Stuff in My Yard

I thought I'd give a garden update.
We should have actual produce soon.
We've hired a gardener to help us keep up with watering.
We will soon have veggies we can pick and consume. The tomatoes are there but still very green. The squash plant is flowering (Christy says we can take the squash blossoms, stuff them with cheese, and deep fry them. I'm not going to do it... but it sounds... interesting!). I need to get out and give it a good watering again- sometimes the gardener slacks a bit. Any guesses on when we will have fresh picked salad on our plates?


Alison said...

Salad? Did you plant lettuce? Don't you...oh, whatever.

I've always wanted to try fried zucchini flowers, but it does sound like a bit of work. But I've found a farmer who carries them, so maybe this year.

Don't you love just looking at your neat little garden, anticipating the day you can go out and pick part of dinner??? I'm thinking you might need to get some taller tomato stakes; those ripening 'maters can get pretty heavy on the plants.

I desperately need to post a garden update, myself--the peas are beyond dead, and we've already started getting some cherry tomatoes. In fact, I have 3 sitting on my desk right now, awaiting their lunchtime sacrifice! Wish I could let you taste one!

Mary Ellen said...

The garden looks good, but the gardener looks even better!

Valerie said...

Those cheese stuffed deliciously fried awesome flowers would be GREAT! But if you actually want to see squash/zucchini I guess you'll have too leave it. I've had it with soft goat cheese with chopped chives..

Joanna Jenkins said...

You have the cutest gardener in town!!!!!
:-) Have a great weekend.

Cajoh said...

We've got green stuff in our plot for our community garden as well. We picked two green beans today and each had one as a tasty snack.

Cannot wait until everything is ready for harvest.

Jackie E. said...

The garden looks lovely! Reminds me of a long time ago, growing up in The Bahamas when me and my mother had a garden with tomatoes and carrots and potatoes and peppers. We also had loads of fruit trees too. Such a cute gardener:-)