Friday, July 17, 2009

The Museum Center at Union Terminal

This will be the last of my posts about our mini-vacay last week. We ended our trip with a day at the Museum Center. We had planned to go to Coney Island but the weather wasn't cooperating- forecast called for scattered thunderstorms and cloudy skies all day. Boo! So we opted to go down to Union Terminal instead.
View of the Cincinnati skyline from Union Terminal Couple more shots of that mural I showed you earlier this week
Teagan discovered a way to keep Zach entertained while we waited for our friends to meet up with us.
First we went through the Museum of Natural History. Oodles of information but one thing really caught my eye. A lesson on Darwin's theory on variation.
Yep. That's a glass case filled with dead, stuffed birds.
Zach enjoyed finding a table that was just his size!
Teagan and her friend, Gus. This was in the area of the Children's Museum called The Woods.
Teagan being a busdriver- who knows where she was taking Daddy!
My little percussionist!
Daddy and Teagan built an arch together (they had help from another boy who came by and a little help from me).
Dr Teagan, report to animal surgery. STAT!
This was adorable- a little puppet theatre. Teagan had a blast ducking down and telling the grown ups to go sit down for the show. She made little voices for the puppets and had them talking to each other and worked very hard to stay out of sight back there!
The Kroger-supplied grocery store
Zach slept through a lot of the fun. But in the end, he found something with wheels and a ramp on which to take full advantage!
All in all- a good trip. Food highlights included getting the hoagy I grew up loving at LaRosa's Pizza, getting the ice cream I love at UDF. We go to Cincy pretty regularly but we don't often eat out because we are usually there for family gatherings and my mom is always pushing food. And we don't get out to see the sites because... we don't usually leave the house, actually. So going to some of the old favorite childhood sites, enjoying the food of the city... it was a really nice trip and I left appreciating my "hometown" a little more.


KPCL Girl said...

We were just there over Spring Break. Saw lots of familiar things in your photos!!

Alison said...

UDF! I forgot about them!

Teagan sure looks like she took full advantage of that museum. It's nice to see kids' displays being used just as the designers had hoped.

Love her smile in that slide picture!

Garret said...

1- The building looks like the Justice League in the old Superfriends cartoon.

2- Dead bird display: Ewwwww.

Boozy Tooth said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet! Your photos are always a delight.

But why was I thinking Coney Island was in Brooklyn and not Cincinnati?

Eternal Lizdom said...

Different Coney Island!

Anonymous said...

For a minute it looked like a case of politicians. My bad. ~Mary