Saturday, September 19, 2009

1/2 off at Goodwill

What’s better than shopping at Goodwill and finding some great stuff? 

Shopping at Goodwill and finding great stuff at 1/2 the Goodwill price!

Blouses are normally $4 each.  1/2 off… $2!  I just bought 10 tops for $20!

1/2 of my 1/2 off finds aren’t for me.

Here’s my loot…


And being the awesome big sister that I am, I snagged this Dayton Flyers t-shirt for my brother- well, for my brother to give to whomever might want it, anyway.  It’d be a little small for him (he’s 6’3” and lanky but also muscle-y).


And I kept finding things for Christy!  Each of these tops is “so her” that I couldn’t resist…


I probably could have spent a lot more time in there, rooting through all the treasures and household objects and such.  It’s been far too long since I spent a good chunk of time in a Goodwill.  I used to shop there often in college and when I did theatre. It’s the most awesome resource for poor college students to clothe themselves or furnish dorm rooms and apartments.  It’s a great place to find costumes and props for the theatre.  And now that I’m a mom… it’s a great place to shop and save money so that my dollars can end up going to my kids instead!


Alison said...

But...did you find any jeans?


Amy said...

We shopped today too. Not Goodwill, though. I just didn't have the energy for that. But I bought two pairs of jeans at Marshall's for less than $20 each today.

Did your brother go to UD? I grew up in Dayton!

Kristin said...

I wonder if the sale is at my local GoodWill store?

Eternal Lizdom said...

Flartus, I did walk down the jeans rack but found it overwhelming and slightly traumatizing so opted to not stay there. Thanks for bringing up the memories, though. *shudder*

Amy, we bought fall/winter clothes for the kids and Jeff bought new shirts at Kohl's so we did our share for economic stimulus yesterday! And my brother is in his sophomore year at UD. He loves it!

Kristin, I think the sale might have been Saturday only.

Garret said...

We've done the Goodwill shopping thingy quite a bit over the past 3 years. We donate a lot of stuff to them (good tax write-offs too).

Eternal Lizdom said...

Garret, there is a Goodwill drop off location right by my house. Anytime we clean out clothes or baby stuff or toys, that's where it goes. It's even a store / service that Teagan is familiar with. As soon as she sees me start putting stuff into trash bags, her first question is always if we are collecting stuff for Goodwill! She's well trained!

Garret said...

Never use the drop box. Get a receipt. Tax software like Turbo Tax has add on packages called "It's Deductible" that gives a lot of $ per each item. Log EVERY item you donate onto the receipt for tax time.

Mrs4444 said...

I like shopping at Goodwill now and then, too. They have some gems, and you're helping others by shopping there, too.