Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Fragments And Friday Freewrite!

Welcome to Friday Fragments!! Many thanks to Mrs4444 for hosting it! I'm adding in a shout out to Ordinary and Awesome, too! She hosts Friday Freewrite which fits in so nicely with Friday Fragments that they aprtnered up!

I can't stop using exclamation points! Ack!

** First of all, do you know that she is NOT Mrs. 4-4-4-4? She has a nice little note on her blog. It's "Mrs. Fours." Ah ha!!!

** I like visiting new blogs. And I am quick to add to my reading list if I like what I see within the first minute of checking it out. What I don't like is a hard to navigate blog. Overwhelmed with ads, clogged with too many visuals. Keep it simple and easy! A little organization goes a long way! Here's a really neat blog that Christy came upon this week. It's Charmaine's Pastry Blog. She used to be an opthamologist. Became a primo pastry chef. Makes amazing cakes and pastries. Check her out!! ** I'm so hooked on PostSecret. I've perused the books for years in bookstores but never read one. I am hooked on the Sunday posting of Secrets on the PostSecret blog. And am seriously considering ordering the new book- just so I can get the code to unlock old secrets! ** I am constantly amazed at how quickly my children can take a clean room and destroy it. ** I think we named Zach incorrectly. He should have been named Coronary. Because he is certain to give us one someday. ** Cute kid-bit from Teagan (this was e-mailed to me by the school's Director, Miss Lori): A student asked Nicole (school cook) if we were having tacos today for lunch. She said, "No, but we're having deconstructed tacos." Apparently Teagan didn't hear the "for lunch" part. Nicole went out to the hallway to make breakfast, and came back with cereal and fruit. Teagan took one look at hers, and says, "What is THIS?? You promised NACHOS!" I really thought Ms. Nicole was going to pee her pants, she was laughing so hard! I love it because I can so totally and completely see and hear my daughter. This is so classic Teagan!! ** Someone at Target has a sense of humor. This Cinderella bathroom accessory apparently broke... ** I've got an accountability partner for my cleaning up today! Blog-reader and good friend (from church) Ashli! She has the day off and is also planning on doing some cleaning. We'll be checking in halfway through the day and again at the end. Here's hoping we each meet some of our goals! ** Step 1 of the clean up will be to clean up the couch and ottoman. If I have those spots cleared off, I'll just feel better and like I accomplished something. ** I think I'm going to start taking requests. I often find that, while reading someone else's blog, I start wondering what they would blog about if asked a question or assigned a topic. I want to know their POV on certain subjects based on what they've already put out there. So if you feel so inclined to ever want to know what I think about something, feel free to ask! ** I went to introduce myself to someone I've not before. I put my hand out, smiled and said "Hi! I'm Liz!" The response was to step back, not smile and say, "I don't shake hands." Hm. I understand that there are lots of reasons to not shake hands or touch hands. I'm not offended by it. But I do wish that people who don't want to shake hands would be friendly about it or have something funny they could say to make it all still friendly, you know? ** You know what I would love? To visit a new-to-me blog and discover my blog in their blogroll. That would be cool. I already think it's cool when I find a new blog and then discover that their blogroll includes people I love reading. Helps me feel a connection of some sort to that blogger. ** I'm getting the hang of this Twitter thing... Remember up there I said I like checking out new blogs? I've found oodles this week through Twitter. Keep watching my sidebar- I try to update there as well as to "follow" Blogger blogs. If I've got any Tweeps checking in- take a moment and say hello!!


Sara Elizabeth said...

I like organized blogs too. I design blogs, and sometimes clients like a lot of stuff going on. I have to bite my tonque sometimes. I recently redid mine to have new ad space, but I make money from my blogs so I need the ad space.

I love finding new blogs that link to me too. It's like a present. I too instantly feel a connection to a blogger if I see that we run in the same bloggy circle.

Happy FF!

Anonymous said...

I Liquid Gold-ed all my woodwork & washed all my floors on hands & knees yesterday & the cats where like: Oh, sh**, we are getting company soon.

I like Target better already.

Eternal Lizdom said...

FrankandMary- I'll be floor washing on my hands and knees later, too!

Sara- I envy your blog design talent! It's one I just don't have. I can know what I like but have no clue how to get it there. That's why it takes all different kinds of people, I guess!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

POSTSECRETS ROCK MY WORLD!! Love them. So does Mr. Hallisicle. Sundays are made infinitely better because of them!!


Lori said...

Hope you get lots accomplished today. I like your random friday thoughts.

Garret said...

Ya know, the funny thing about today's style of writing is that's me everyday. No particular topic... all over the place. :-)

Eternal Lizdom said...

Garret- True, but your posts still have a theme of what you did that day. You could do a Friday Fragments posts of just random observations and thoughts that weren't about what you did- but what you thought about things you saw.

Hallie- I know!! I've yet to buy a book but feel like I should. So it makes sense to buy the new one. If I ever went to bookstores, I'd look to see if anyone ever left a secret there. I guess I could check at my library, too. Hmmm...

smiles4u- Thanks! I'm almost done with the couch and my cup of coffee is giving me a push to get things going! Zach seems to like having the house to himself... it's a great day so far!

darsden said...
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Mary Ellen said...

I'm cleaning a lot, too. It can be very satisfying. The only issue is that I keep taking breaks to read a couple more blogs. Ooops.

I have no idea what PostSecret is - but if you and Hallie like it, I'll have to check it out.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I think it would be very odd to have my hand out for someone and have them say I don't shake hands. Well, good for you for putting your hand out there. I like handshakes! Keep doing it.

I'm going to have to check out your blogroll. we have a few overlaps, but mostly no. I love Fail Blog. It never "fails" to make me laugh!

Thanks for stopping by my place this morning. I read my emails on my phone before I get out of bed and having an inbox full of comments is just SO Cool! thanks for being one of them :)

Kristin - The Goat

MrsSki said...

My husband has the same ability as your children - he can completely destroy a clean room!

The person you met could have at least given you a fist bump if they didn't want to shake hands! The germ phobia is something I can understand but I think is a little ridiculous. That's why we're all sick...we have no immune systems anymore because of all the anti-bacterial items! OH, and I bet that person didn't refuse care from their doctor when the doctor was wearing a tie. They should have though, ties are collectors of germs!

Loved your fragments!

Teacher Tom said...

I try to keep my blog as clean as possible as well. I can really get turned off by a site that takes a long time to load because of animation or other complicated content. And I don't exactly dislike it when people add music to their site, but often it startles me.

A lot of people aren't shaking right now because of H1N1 (swine flu). In fact, the CDC is recommending we all switch to elbow bumps for the fall . . . seriously!

Yesterday, I shook hands with, hugged, and otherwise touched a lot of strangers. I held my hands at my sides like they were toxic until I could get somewhere to wash them!

Claudya Martinez said...

I agree I really don't like hard to navigate blogs either. It's really hard to get back to the homepage on some blogs.

You cracked me up with the Coronary comment.

As far as the not shaking hands, the person could have easily smiled, introduced themselves and said, "I'm a germophobe". It seems that if someone is trying to be friendly they could at least be friendly back.

I really enjoyed your Friday Fragments.

mub said...

That pastry blog is so fun, thanks for linking to it!

I'm not sure how I'd feel about the handshake thing... I'd almost prefer that to some of the limp-fish handshakes I get. Those just creep me out *L*

Stacy Uncorked said...

I've been relishing the fact that Princess Nagger has been in school full days this year (first grade)...what a feeling accomplishment to get the living room totally cleaned and organized again! It sure doesn't take her long to make a mess, though...I anticipate I'll be starting over again next week with this being a 3-day weekend. ;) My list for next week definitely includes washing our wood floors - I can't wait until they're all nice and clean! :)

I'm working on simplifying my blog design - I like clean and easy to navigate, too - makes for a much more pleasant reading experience. :)

One of these days I'll get the hang of Twitter...just not today. ;)

Happy FF! :)

Mrs4444 said...

I don't think I've Tweeted all week; I think my Twitter days (summer) are behind me until June. If I get into it again, I'll end up tweeting at school, and I don't want to go down that road.

I'm addicted to Post Secret, too! So compelling.... Loved the Barbie shot, too.

Your fragments have a cheerful tone to them this week, Liz. Thanks for playing :)

Smellyann said...

I did not know it was supposed to be read as Mrs. Fours! Learned something new today, thanks! ;)

Lori D said...

I love blog clean and free of useless ads and too many modules that make the page take a minute to load. When something in mine slows it down I remove it.

I love the width of this blog and the look. It's easy to read which is what would keep me coming back...oh and those cute photos of bathtub scribbles! LOL I HATED having to scrub that stuff off!

Oh, and I'm adding you to my blogroll ;) LOL