Friday, September 18, 2009

What Do You Like Best?

On our drive from school today, Teagan and I were talking about what she had done that day and what she ate for lunch and what the best parts of her day were. Her regular all day care teacher (Ms Tori) was out sick so Ms Lori covered her class along with Miss Whitney (regular room assistant). I asked Teagan if that was fun and she said it was. Me: What is your favorite thing about Ms. Whitney? T: Um... She draws me turtles! So I can color them in! M: And what about Miss Mindi? T: I like doing centers in her room and now we have journals! I like having a journal like Sid (the Science Kid on PBS) and I draw about things I investigate. M: And what about Miss Lori? T: Oh. Because she lov... I mean, she likes me. M: Oh, I'm pretty sure she loves you, Teagan. And that is ok to say and great to feel! So it got me thinking... what do you like best?

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KPCL Girl said...

Hmm. There are too many things to list...sounds like a blog post in the works, eh?

Today what do I like best?

1) Early morning sunrises--the kind that make you hold your breath and peer over the top of your steering wheel so you can get that first peek at the sun to come.

2) Musical sound tracks. Musical theatre, although it's not really my thing (i.e., I can't really DO it), has enhanced my quality of life like nothing else.

3) Blogging. I love writing and choosing exactly the right words for what I'm feeling, what I want to say.

4) Diet Sunkist Orange Soda and Little Debbie Fudge Rounds.

5) My loving and forgiving friends and family. I'm sorry I lost your pants, Rachelle! And yes, honey, it will be hot dogs--again...