Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kid-Bits: You Have A Frog Where?

Me: How was school today, Teagan?
T: Great! But Kyle wasn't there (her best buddy).
M: Oh? Where was Kyle today?
T: (sadly) He was home because... (eyes big) he has a REAL FROG in his MOUTH!
M: (suppressing giggles) A frog in his throat? Oh dear!
T: Yeah! A frog!
M: How do you get rid of a frog in your mouth? Do you hold some flies in front of you mouth and wait for him to come out?
T: No, Mom. You have to lay down for a whole day. And then you stick your head back like this (tilts head back so she is looking up at the ceiling). And then the frog jumps out and you come back to school!
M: (laughing)
T: Really!
At bedtime...
T: Why is my name Teagan?
M: Well, when you were still inside Mommy's tummy, mommy and daddy spent a lot of time talking about what your name should be. We were trying to decide between 3 different name: Claire, Nyssa, and Teagan. Most every night, we would get ready for bed and when I would lay down, you would start moving all around inside my belly! Then Daddy would read Goodnight Moon to you and do you know what you would do? You would get very still and quiet in there- I think you were listening to the story. One night, Daddy finished reading the book and said "Did you like that story, Claire?" And you stayed very still. "Should I read it again, Nyssa?" And you stayed very still. "I guess it's time to say good night, Teagan!" And do you know what you did? You gave a huge KICK (I kicked my leg up in the air when I said this) and made my tummy look like this (put my hand under my shirt and popped it out like a big baby kick)!!
T: giggle, giggle, giggle! Tell me again!
So I tell her again. But this time, she's the one saying "I stayed very still." We get to the end of the story and she says:
"And I gave a big kick in your tummy!"
And kicks her leg up and FARTS. Loudly! A long one!
This resulted in a complete giggle meltdown between the 2 of us. And the more she giggled, the more she farted, and the more she farted, the more she giggled and the whole thing had me giggling hysterically right along with her. It was like 2 girlfriends, cracking up at the same joke. I loved every second of it.


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Anonymous said...

Too cute!! :o)

(from Pastor Jennifer)

Garret said...

It's a good thing I uninstalled Smellovision last week.

Teacher Tom said...

Cute comments AND farts . . . This is why I follow Eternal Lizdom! =)

KPCL Girl said...

Omg, you are the best mom.

Alison said...

You got me giggling right along here at work!