Friday, September 25, 2009

Fuh-fuh-fuh Fragments!

(I hope you sung along on the title.... Ch-ch-ch-Chia!) It's Friday and that means Fragments! Thanks to the lovely Mrs.4444 for hosting Friday Fragments and to Ordinary and Awesome for hosting Friday Freewrite! First of all, if you only pop by for Friday Fragments, I'd love it if you'd visit the silliness of yesterday's post. Click here or just scroll down (it's the very next post). We had a lot of fun and I really needed a day of creative challenge and goofiness. Second, if you'd like another Friday stop and you like to talk about food, swing over to Ca-Joh's for the Friday Feast (button below is clickable). This week's discussion is on pizza- that's one most everyone has an opinion on!!

Let's get to Fragin' and Free Writin'

** I love Glee. This week's episode had a character coming out to his dad. They'd set the dad up so that you assume he's all macho and close-minded and that the boy really fears what his dad might think. When he tells his dad... the response was beautiful. "I've known since you were 3. All you wanted for your birthday was a pair of sensible heels." I wish I had written down the rest of his response- I can't find it online. But it was exactly right. It was accepting and loving. I think that's part of what makes Glee so fantastic. There is this dark realism but then the give the big, shiny, happy ending or silver lining. So even though you know things are tough or stressful... there is still the chance that the football team dancing to "Single Ladies" will result in the team winning the game.

** No crankies today. Thankfully. I'm very calm today. Got my sillies out yesterday. Had a great time with the Music Team last night. Kids are good. Life is good!

** I spent some time updating the playlist on my phone yesterday. Deleted any traces of Kanye West. Buh-bye. Well, traces might not be the right word. Because I love the Glee version of Gold Digger. So that's on there. Added some David Crowder Band, Black Eyed Peas, Outkast, Regina Spektor, Natasha Bedingfield, Glee, Coldplay, Beyonce...

** From time to time, I think about career changes. I've been with my current company in my current department for almost 10 years. I started as a temporary administrative assistant and have promoted up to admin to the VP over our dept and then to Purchasing Specialist and then a title that was given to me because I didn't have as much experience as our Purchasing Managers but I was doing the job of a Purchasing Manager and then finally got promoted to Purchasing Manager and now 3M has job-mapped all of us to fit into their structure so I'm a Procurement Analyst and Government Contract Administrator. Whew! Anyway- I am proud of what I've accomplished in these 10 years. But this is also never where I dreamed I'd be. Ever. I'm not itching to get out or anything. But I'm starting to think more about what I might enjoy if/when I do leave this place. And I would love to work with young adults or teens. I don't know in what capacity. But I love their energy and I feel like I have something to give back. I think I'll soon be getting an idea of whether or not this is a good fit as I might have a chance to work with the youth group in our church over the next few months. We'll see.

** It's funny... even though I want to work with teens and young adults... the idea of actually doing it... kinda scares me, too. Isn't it funny how just the thought of teenagers can rush you back to your own experiences at that age? I wouldn't go back for anything. College, yes. High school... not so much. My life was chaos and insecurity and self-loathing. Wouldn't want that back for anything.

** I think I'm driving to Dayton tomorrow to see my little brother (Ted- I wrote about his birthday this week). He plays trombone for Pride of Dayton- Univ of Dayton's marching band. He's a boner. Yup. Anyway- we kept meaning to go visit him last year and never made it. It's family weekend and the band has stuff scheduled before the football game tomorrow- including the POD playing for the Tailgate. Teagan has dance class and says she wants to go to dance class instead of to Dayton so it looks like I'll be going by myself. Which is fine. At least I'll have control of the radio!

** Ever try making a parenting threat and it just doesn't work? Jeff was getting the kids dressed yesterday morning and Zach was giving him a hard time, kicking his feet, not cooperating. The frustration level was rising. I'm listening in from the bathroom, brushing my hair, when I hear Jeff try a phrase we've used a version of on Teagan once or twice... "Zachary! If you don't get these pants on, you will just have to go to Miss Lisa's in just your diaper! And all the other kids will point and laugh at you!" Given that there isn't a single kid not in diapers at Miss Lisa's and given that every male's dream seems to be to spend as much time as possible without pants on... I don't see the threat carrying much weight.

** Tomorrow is my 1 Year Blog-iversary! If you aren't a regular reader, I'd love it if you "followed" along or add my to your reader or whatever. If you are a regular reader... you already know I love you. I feel like I "Should" do something special to mark the day but my Saturday is going to be way to packed to even consider a special blog post. And I'm too strapped to try and do a giveaway (unless some great company out there is reading this and contacts me today with a bunch of free stuff to give away... no? Oh well.).


Sara Bonds @ Ordinary and Awesome said...

I love Glee too! It makes me smile.

Kanye West is a mess. I wasn't a fan before, but I am really not a fan now.

As for the career change, I saw . . . follow your bliss. Do what your heart tell you too. :)

Congrats on the 1 year blogoversary!!

Happy FF!

Crazee Juls said...

I haven't got a chance to watch I really want to watch it.
"He's a boner"...I laughed for some minutes over that one....
I'll definitely be following. Happy blog-iversary! :) You're just too funny, and I can't believe I wasn't already following. Have a super weekend!

Garret said...

Happy 1 year! Yay! yay! yay! oh and yay!

Jackie E. said...

Happy one year anniversary Ms. Liz!!

I wouldn't want to go back to high school you, college, perhaps cuz those were definitely some GOOD days!!

Even though I missed the Goodwill shopping post, I'll say now, I used to be a huge thrift shopper....loved it! Used to go all the time and had some really great times, was such fun hobby! Now that I've seen your post, I think I'm gonna get back into it. Loved the pics of the blouse, lol:-)

Oh's never too late to start something new - whether that be a new career or anything else.

Have a great weekend!

Us said...

Hi Liz! Love your blog! We hooked up through Twitter from IndyMoms! Thought I would stop by for a visit and glad I did! : )

Kristin - The Goat said...

I've only watched the pilot episode of Glee and that was on Hulu. I enjoyed it, as I knew I would, but I can't seem to remember to set up a recording on the DVR. I guess that's why the internet invented Hulu. :)

I hope you have a nice safe drive to Dayton and enjoy getting complete control of the radio!

Kristin - The Goat

Heather said...

I love me some Glee but I gotta give SVU the ratings, they need it :(

Happy 1 year Blogaversary, girlie!

Enjoy your weekend!

Strange Mamma said...

Happy almost Anniversary!

Yay for Regina Spektor!

Boo to Kanye West. (I have to admit to a bit of smugness on that one. I always thought he was a tool.)

mub said...

I totally sung the title of your post before I even read it should be sung to the tune of ch-ch-ch-chia!

I LOVED your post from yesterday. I'm still giggling about it *L*

Amandasaurus said...

Dancing to "Single Ladies" is ALWAYS a victory unto itself. Fun post! I have so much random stuff clattering around in my brain that I may have to adopt this Friday Fragments tradition.