Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

I'd hoped to share an adorable pic of my kids in their costumes with you today.  But when we got all dressed up for a local trunk or treat event yesterday, it was right after Zach's short nap and he wasn't too thrilled yet.

"Not too thrilled" soon became an understatement.

Thankfully, Daddy can always be our hero and save the day!

From our front door to yours... Happy Halloween!

What I'd really love is if you would pop over to Fit City and check out the radical move I've made this year that might result in my house getting TP'ed or might make our house the Coolest House Evah!



I’m doing something different this year for Halloween. 

A lot of things are the same.  The kids will dress up and go door to door.  My daughter is going to be Daphne from Scooby Doo and my son is repeating last year’s costume- Captain America.  As we go door to door, my daughter will ask if the home owner would like to donate a canned good or non-perishable item for our local food pantry.  When we get home, candy will be divided and many pieces will be eaten.  Then it will be bagged up and I become the Controller of Candy Consumption. 

But we’re doing something different this year and I have to admit to being kind of nervous about it.

We aren’t handing out candy.  None.

Last year, we had a basket of candy and pretzels and a big bowl of non-candy and gave out some of each.  This year, I have the leftovers from last year and supplemented with a few things I picked up and we have an overflowing giant bowl of goodies to hand out that have nothing to do with sweets or snacks.

Puzzles, bracelets, play doh, card games, pencils, temporary tattoos, and I also have little bottles of bubbles to add to the bowl.  The best part is that whatever doesn’t get passed out will easily keep until next year.  I can also trade any leftover items with my kids for chunks of their candy. 

Older kids won’t be thrilled with our offerings.  Sorry.  But the elementary and preschool set should be pretty pleased.  I figure we might get toilet-papered for our efforts or we might end up being “the cool house.”  My kids were clamoring for the items in the bowl- they wanted the play doh and tattoos and wanted to touch each pencil and try on the bracelets. 

Why did I choose to go candy free this year?   Partially because I know the kids are going to have tons of candy that they bring into the house.  Partially because I know that we will have leftovers and I don’t need the extra candy in the house.  Partially because I like the idea that whatever is leftover can be saved for next year.  Partially because, to be totally honest, there’s just too much sugary junk out there all the time anyway.

Report back!!  Were there any houses on your trick or treating route that went candy-less or offered healthier treats?  Have you considered a less sugar laden option for the treats you hand out?



Garret said...

Fantastic candy idea! Maybe next year I'll do a mixture. *baby steps*

I love the costumes. Poor cranky Zach.

C. Beth said...

The costumes are adorable (all three of them!) Zach is totally cute when he's mad. :-)

Nej said...


We were JUST talking (here at work) about how I didn't want to hand out candy this year. So I was probably going to end up sitting at home with the lights off, in hiding.

My plan for next year is exactly what your basket looks like this year!!!!! Fun things that kids are going to want! I don't have time to run to the store for stuff tonight......but watch out. We'll be the coolest house on the block in 2012! :-)

Alison said...

ha ha, sorry Zach, but you are so adorable with your cranky face!

I did buy candy to use with my class tonight (will be teaching until 8:30), but I was excited to find a big bag of packets of "all natural" kettle corn at Target last night, in case I get home before all the trick-or-treaters are gone.

Was it here, in your comments, that I read recently about parents who hold all their kids' candy and allow them a $5 allowance to "buy back" what they want? The rest goes to charity or in the trash.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Aw. That is one unhappy Captain America. But a darned cute one!

Rebecca said...

Your husband has some seriously stunning eyes.