Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Today I am a 1st grade rock star. I am one of many parents chaperoning the first grade field trip to the Indianapolis Zoo today. I have 3 girls in my group, we have a list of animals to find, and the kids are bubbling over with excitement that so many parents are around.

Glad to have a day with Teagan and her friends. Excited to go to the zoo. Enjoying the mid-week break from work. It's a good day!

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C. Beth said...

How fun! I'm probably going to wait to be a field trip chaperone until both my kids are in school--just a pain to find childcare for Zoodle so I can go on the trip. But once he's in kindergarten in a year...I'm looking forward to being one of the chaperones! (Maybe for a few years I'll even be a "cool mom" though by the end of grade school I might need to give up on that concept.) :-)