Wednesday, May 2, 2012


What brings you joy?

More than that, how do you find joy when you are faced with something or someone that sucks the joy right out of you?

A lot of times, I find joy in simple things.  Well, simple in terms of finding myself delighted by something unexpected- like a beautiful sunrise, brightly colored flowers, a hug from one of my kids at the exact right time.

Sometimes I know I need to go searching for it.  Sometimes, I'm around someone who is cranky or angry or depressed and I can easily get sucked into their negative emotion.  It's like I struggle to share my joy with them in such a way that I can in any way alleviate their negative feelings.

I'm the worst at this with my husband.  If Jeff is stressed out, frustrated, angry, whatever, I tend to absorb his feelings instead of responding to him with love and joy.  It's an ongoing work in progress to figure that one out, to determine how I can change my response.

I do pretty well at this at work.  Work can be remarkably frustrating.  Even before my recent epiphany, I think I'm pretty well known for being a generally happy, easy to get along with, and joy filled kind of person in my workplace.

Here are some moments of joy I've had recently.

Meeting a neighborhood pet who happens to be a large and gentle wolf.

Swinging on the playground.

Finding out that my daughter is in touch with kindness and appreciation.

A candy buffet at the wedding of members of my church family.

Laughter with friends and with my honey in a photo booth!

Maybe focusing on the moments of joy helps us stay fortified when faced with joy-suckers?  



Garret said...

There was a photo booth at the wedding?

Empty Nester said...

There was a photo booth at a wedding we attended in November- it was AWESOME! Everyone should have one at their wedding! I used to get sucked into the husband's negativity but, once it became constant, I just ignore it. He gets sucked in by his family. I refuse. Life is just better that way! :)