Thursday, May 3, 2012


I've been doing this "14 Day Photo Challenge" on Facebook.  I'm on Day 11- a picture of your hands or someone else's.

I was torn.  I took a fun picture and then I took a boring picture.

Here's the fun pic:

And the boring pic:

The fun pic is... fun!  It's light hearted, kinda silly.

There is a purpose to the boring pic.  I have tiny pinkies.  It runs in my family so I come by them naturally.  Go on- you know you want to look at your hand right now to see how tall your pinky is in comparison to your ring finger.  Go ahead- I'll wait.

See? Mine is short-comes maybe to the halfway point between knuckles.

So tell me- which picture should be my official Photo Challenge pic?  Or give me another idea!  How can I showcase my hands?  Hey now- keep it clean!  Keep in mind I am working one handed since I have to be able to take the pic, too.  Vote- boring, fun, or new idea and give me a new idea!



Katherine said...

I guess I have short pinkies too - my pinkie doesn't even come halfway between my ring finger knuckles. Never thought about it before.

And definitely the fun picture!

Nej said...

Fun pic always wins in my book!! :-)

Garret said...

The fun pic wins. I did check my pinkies and determine that you're a freak. There.

Mrs4444 said...

Mr.4444 and I must be genetic defects, too, as ours look like yours.haha

I say draw some faces on your fingers and show the other side of your hand :)

Karen M. Peterson said...

I always thought that was a normal length for pinkies until a couple of years ago when I was dating someone who pointed out that mine are very short. So I started comparing with other people and found out that I'm defective, too!