Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is this Sunday in the US (You're welcome for the reminder).

I'm actually looking forward to it this year.  Not that I haven't in the past.  But more because it's been a hard year since last Mother's Day.  I'm looking forward to celebrating a year of mothering through work stress, new school transition, some behavior issues, and growing church involvement.

When I was a kid, I remember the moms at church having corsages.  I always thought that was lovely and it's something you just don't see so much anymore.

It's hard to say what I'd like to have as a gift- or if I even want a gift.  Jeff and I are adults and when we have things we need or want, we are able to take care of those things on our own.

I've been thinking that I'd like to get a backpack.  I found one through the direct sales company Thirty One that is a backpack with an insulated compartment for food.  Great for nature walks or bringing my lunch to work.

Someday, I'd love to have a cross pendant.  But finding "the one" has proven to be a challenge.

There's a list of books I want.  I tend to like to get a bunch of books at once and have a shelf of "things I'm going to read."  I currently have at least 3 books in that stack and am in the middle of reading something already.

What I want most of all is a happy and pleasant day.  Church in the morning.  Lunch with my in-laws, perhaps.  Time at home to rest, do chores, garden.  If the weather is nice, maybe a trip to the park.

But just a day without complaining kids, without whining, a day with no crankiness from anyone in the family, a day where we just enjoy each other's company, we laugh together, we smile a lot, and we end the day feeling great about our family... that's what I want for Mother's Day.



Alison said...

Miss Chef's parents and 3 nieces came for a visit last month. The eldest (6 yrs old) was being whiny, so Miss Chef took her aside and said "Look, Grandma is tired, and you know how she gets when she's tired. It's your job today to make sure she's happy." It worked! It didn't hurt that Grandma reminded her a couple of times what her job was. And of course the next day was a return to the usual. But they got one really good, easy day together. Maybe you can give Teagan that assignment as her gift to you on Sunday.

C. Beth said...

No crankiness in the family.... That seriously does sound like a wonderful Mother's Day gift. :)

Garret said...

Have a great Mother's Day Liz. You are a hard working mom!