Friday, June 29, 2012

FitCity: Goodbye

Sad news this week- FitCity is going away.  You can read about it here.  And you can read my final post here.


Prior to 2010, I never put much serious effort into my health. Up into college, I had been healthy enough (meaning thin enough). After college, I started to gain but never felt like it was out of control. Then marriage and 2 babies left me very aware that I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was working towards figuring out what I needed to do about it when I discovered FitCity and then became a Mom Blogger here.

And it changed my life.

I knew I couldn’t write about healthy living if I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle. Writing for FitCity jump started my plans to make some serious changes in my life. However, when I wrote my first post in February of 2010, I had no idea that writing for FitCity would lead me on a journey of running, cycling, activity on vacations, juicing, connecting to nutritionist and exercise experts on Twitter chats, and even doing a FunRun with Jared from Subway.

Thanks to the motivation I received when I started writing for FitCity, I can say that I’ve done several 5K’s, I’ve done a half marathon, I’ve biked 30+ miles, and I’ve even gone from thick and heavy running shoes to minimalist running.

When I first heard the news that FitCity was coming to an end, I was worried that the motivation to continue finding ways to experience healthy living would also come to an end. You see, even though FitCity gave me that jumpstart, I still have been fighting my own personal battles of getting off track, finding motivation, fighting my emotional eating battles, and so on.

But over the course of these 2 1/2 years, I’ve developed an incredible support system. I have found the inspiration to start healthy living groups in my church and online (through Facebook). The group in my church has been going steady for about 18 months. We have a regular Zumba class, we walk, we do bike rides and 5K’s together. We are planning some great things for the year ahead- like a virtual walk to Jerusalem. My Facebook group (Eat Smart, Move More!) has become a source of inspiration, motivation, support, and sharing. It’s a place where we share our victories over fast food, our struggles with stress eating, our plans to exercise that day, our accomplishments and our challenges. I’m hoping to kick off a pedometer challenge there to get people walking and running – and to get myself walking and running more.

FitCity may be coming to an end but my Fit Living doesn’t. Won’t. Can’t.

I plan to keep connecting to my support system through my Facebook group, my church group, and will be sharing more of my healthy living thoughts and experiences on my own personal blog, Eternal Lizdom. I hope you will join me. One of the things I truly treasure the most about my time with FitCity are the friendships I’ve made with my fellow Mom Bloggers. I’ve come to know these beautiful women and am inspired by them in so many ways.

Thank you to Eleather, Lisa, Jennifer, Amy, Kelly, Danielle, Rhonda, and all the other amazing women and businesses and restaurants and services I have come to know thanks to FitCity.

Because of this online community, I am a stronger and healthier mom that is consistently striving to bring healthier choices to my family, raising healthier kids, and seeking ways to inspire the community around me to focus on health, nutrition, and activity.


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Garret said...

I didn't read the article but sad... if you are. :-)