Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mommies Wanna Have Fun, Too!

I want to spend my weekdays at summer camp with my kids at the YMCA.  

The first 2 weeks for Teagan were cheer and then dance.  She came home happy and loved every minute of it.  She learned some cheers and dances but also walked in the woods, went swimming, sang songs, and more.  Zach's favorite thing about camp is spending all day outside and walking in the woods.

Teagan's 3rd week of camp is the main camp and she LOVES it.  She comes home filthy from head to toe every day.  We've set aside 5 outfits that will be camp clothes for the summer and have a specific pair of sneakers to ruin.  They spend all day outside- eating, walking in the woods, creek stomping, singing camp songs, watching the counselors do skits.

It's made me realize how much I want to have summertime fun, too.

So yesterday, we did.  Jeff wasn't able to join us as he was off at a gaming thing all day.  But the kids and I made the very best of it.

We started with the community run- I did a 5K (I walked while my friend Carol jogged beside me) and got back to the park in time for the kids' fun run.  Both kids did awesome! I ran the short distance for Zach's age group with him.  Teagan did her 2 laps around the ballfield on her own and did great.

We had an issue on the walk home but it didn't ruin our day.  Then Jeff was off for his day of gaming and the kids and I were off for a day of fun!

I had to giggle.  My phone decided to skip the traditional "pocket dial" and went for the "running belt pictures."  After the third click sound, I finally figured out what was going on.

We started with our weekly trip to the farmer's market.  The kids love getting honey straws and a special pastry for Sunday morning and I loved getting honey, maple syrup, and some lemon balsamic vinegar.

Given that we know we're ruining at least 2 of Teagan's pairs of sneakers, we knew she'd need a clean pair for everyday stuff and for cheer practice.  Shoe shopping!  Zach got light up Spiderman shoes, Teagan got sleek white sneakers, and I got some new sandals.

Then it was off to lunch.  Sushi!  The kids love a treat like a special sushi meal at our favorite sushi place- Wild Ginger.

As we left the restaurant, I looked up and saw the coolest rainbow ring circling the sun!

Then we spent the afternoon at the YMCA in the pool and splash pad.  2 hours and 30 minutes of sun.  I got some reading done, I swam a few laps at adult swim, and the kids played and played and played.

Finally, it was time to decide what to have for dinner.  While I generally prefer to avoid the festival that happens in the park in our neighborhood, I told the kids that if we found a close enough parking place, we would have dinner there.  So we did.  Corn on the cob, ice cream (one of the best strawberry shakes I've ever had), corn dogs, and cotton candy.

And best of all, without having to go on vacation or drive any distance, or reserve a hotel room... I got to have a mini vacation right in my neighborhood, in my community, and with my kids.  I relaxed, had fun, and ended the day completely wiped out.  My kids laughed, played, and realized that they have the Coolest Mom Evah.

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Keetha Broyles said...

Camp is such a huge influence on kids - - - I know it was for me.

C. Beth said...

That sounds like an awesome day! Hope you enjoy a relaxing Sunday and can go back to work Monday feeling refreshed.

Garret said...

The sun photos were amazing.

I grew up kinda poor. My parents rented in the suburbs of Bayside Queens. We lived above our landlord and had a small place. There was no place for me to "play" except in the street or sidewalk since we didn't have a yard of our own. I wonder what it would have been like to have had a camp experience at a young age.

Wayne W Smith said...

I have be guilty of taking pocket photos too...i often forget to turn off the camera.

retired not tired said...

Your day sounds wonderful. D H takes our pictures on a regular camera as I don't know how to use the camera on my phone. Thanks for sharing.

Claudya Martinez said...

It really does sound like such a great fun-filled day. A yummy milkshake in the summer is just awesome!