Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Day With Family

It's been a while- too long- since I've participated in Unknown Mami's wonderful Sundays In My City!

Unknown Mami

Yesterday, we traveled to Cincinnati to visit family.  It was a gorgeous day.  There wasn't a reason to gather except that my grandmother had requested that my aunt come to visit (my aunt lives in California).  So we planned the dates and everyone saved the Saturday.  My aunt came up from Kentucky, another aunt came from Chicago, my brothers came from other cities in Ohio, and my brother's girlfriend and her parents came from yet another city in Ohio.  It was quite the gathering!

We spent the day outdoors.  It was a gorgeous summery day.  In the 80's, light breeze, sun shining, blue sky.  My aunts had prepared a feast, as usual.  This time we had a summer cook out theme.  Ted's girlfriend's dad manned the charcoal grill for burgers and brats.  My aunts prepared a spread of fruit salad, egg and potato salad, a farro salad, cucumber salad, fresh sliced onions and tomatoes, and stuffed portobello mushroom caps, and a platter of mexican influenced yumminess like guacamole, corn salsa, salsa, tortillas, .

 But the best part was the laughter, the chatting, and the entertainment.  What entertainment?  Slip and slide, cornhole, and even a wrestling match!

This pic cracks me up- I wasn't fast enough!

Jeff wants you to know that he and Daniel won the game against Ted and my dad.  And Zach was quite taken with the game of cornhole- he even abandoned the slip and slide just to watch and then get a turn.

Wrestling... it starts with a hug... but these brothers will always find a way to rough house!  It's fun to watch. One brother actually wrestled in high school and uses that experience.  The other brother is the science-engineering guy and you can see the wheels turning as he figures out how to use physics and such to his advantage.

We have a clever grandma... she has a beautiful garden you can walk through and enjoy and she hid a few small elves in the garden for my kids to find.

It was a wonderful afternoon.  It was relaxing and laid back and fun.  Any family tension or drama was left at the door- not that there is any but any time you bring a lot of people in from so many places and expect them to get along, there can be some toe stepping.  This was a really wonderful day with wonderful memories.

Everyone was laughing and happy.

Well, most of the time.


5 comments: said...

Looks like a phenomenal family outing, and it would never be complete without a pouting child. Great shots.

Angelia Sims said...

How fun is that! And what great weather too. The food looked super yummy! Love all pics! And I have never played that cornhole game. :0)

Unknown said...

Great photos of what looks to be a very memorable time. After that yummy looking shot of your meal I must go raid the kitchen to find something yummy. Have a great week.

Garret said...

Great action photos but the one of Zach sulking was funny.

Claudya Martinez said...

There is joy emanating from these photos. I'm so glad you linked up.