Monday, June 11, 2012


Are you a fan of something?  Maybe a certain superhero?  An author?  A band?  The kind of fan that you buy every comic book, see every movie, buy the books in hardcover?

There are a few musicals that I consider myself to truly be a "fan" of and RENT is one of them.

I remember when RENT first hit the musical scene.  I remember the buzz about this little show... and then it went to off-Broadway and the creator of RENT, Jonathan Larson, dies the night before opening night.  That caught the attention of the media... but the amazing music and story of the show is what has kept it alive since that 1996 opening.

There is a local community theatre - Footlite Musicals- doing a Young Adult production of RENT in July.  Just knowing it was going to happen had me... and then I got hooked into their social media efforts.

They have a Facebook page.

But what got me... are the videos.  From the auditions to the first music rehearsals... I'm so eager for the next video to come out.  These little videos are really highlighting the talent and give you that little taste of the music and characters you love in RENT.

RENT opens July 6 at Footlite.  It closes July 22. I have bought tickets for one performance and am making plans for a second night out to see it twice.  I'm planning to break out the soundtrack and get all psyched and jazzed and ready to lose myself in one of my favorite shows...

You can buy tickets online through Brown Paper Tickets.  And I hope you will!

What is it about RENT that I love so much?  Maybe it's that it came out when I was in college and I was still in my "fight for justice" and "bring down The Man" and "save the world" mindset.  Maybe it was the Shakesperean type tragedy of Larson's unexpected death.  Maybe it was the "realness" of the characters- that Mark and Maureen and Benny and Collins are just like everyday people... which means that Mimi and Angel must be like everyday people, too.  Maybe it's the beautiful honesty of drugs and money and sex and AIDS and fear and the future and... maybe it's the amazing musicality and variety of and breadth and depth of music.

Maybe it's those favorite moments...

The support group... "Will I lose my dignity? Will someone care? Will I wake tomorrow... from this nightmare?"

The flirtation of "Light My Candle" and the energy between Roger and Mimi.

The power and connection of "Seasons of Love."

The humor of the voicemails.

The deep sorrow of Angel's storyline.

Or just... loving every moment of the entire show.

I wanna know... do you have a favorite something that you simply have to be part of?  Is RENT something you connect with?  Share your favorite moments or experiences of this show!  And maybe I'll see you at Footlite next month!


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