Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Fun Summer

We're only on week 2 of summer break, week 2 of day camp, and it's become obvious that the focus of this summer is exactly where it should be.

We're having FUN.

Well, the kids are having fun.  Insane amounts of fun.  They are loving the YMCA day camp experience.  Teagan's favorite thing?  Hanging out with the camp counselors (teen and young adult girls).  Zach's favorite?  Swimming and spending all day outside.

It's got me longing for some fun of my own.  Some real, let loose, laugh hysterically, enjoy the ride, go where it takes you kind of fun.

This weekend is The Girlfriend Ride and it will be fun.  I'm also feeling a little stress.  There are more people going this year and I'm feeling torn about how I divide my time.  I want time with everyone who is going but our group is big and we will ride at different speeds and... well... I loved this ride last year and will love it again this year, for sure.  (That link I just shared?  If you didn't read about our Ride experience last year, I encourage you to do so! We had an amazing, miraculous experience on our way home.)

We have no vacations or getaways planned for the summer.  No time off.  I have personal commitments that I am looking forward to in August and September.  But I need some summertime fun.

Maybe we can repeat a trip we've done before?  Maybe an overnight or weekend in Louisville, Cincinnati, or Fort Wayne?  Maybe some other nearby city?  Maybe a trip to Holiday World?  Something new-to-us like Indiana Beach?

I think of fun things like the rental of that little peddle surrey in Louisville or the Duck Boat in Cincinnati (never done it but think it would be fun!) or the Children's Zoo in Fort Wayne...

It's no secret that my already full work life went into overdrive 18 months ago.  And there is no sign of improvement on the horizon.  The light at the end of the tunnel is getting smaller and dimmer as more rocks continue to rain down to block the light.

So much stress in the place where I spend the majority of my time doesn't make it easy to relax and be fun and spontaneous.  And I am feeling like I desperately need some kind of fun...

What are your fun summer plans this year?



Anonymous said...

Hope to catch a glimpse of you again this year at the ride! How about St. Louis? It is SUCH a fun city. You all would have a blast.

Nancy said...

Skip Indiana Beach...and if you go to Louisville, I know a small town in southern IN that has a house with an extra bed, a swingset, a hammock, and a blow up pool just the right size for kids!

Garret said...

Mommy and Daddy need some vacation time too!

Alison said...

I decided we needed to save a bit more before our next Big Trip...and maybe use some of our saving power to do some important maintenance around the house. So we're planning a sort-of staycation. We'll do an overnight to Asheville, but I'm really looking forward to LOTS of unstructured time at home to play around with those "someday" projects...or to nap.

No schedule, that's my plan for vacation this year. I'll recommend it for you, too!