Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Silver Linings

I'm working on staying focused on the positive.  Counting my blessings- but also seeing beyond the basics of what I appreciate in a given day.

Today is a day where I have many opportunities to see the silver lining- provided I choose to look for it.

Our almost 14 year old toy poodle isn't doing well.  She had an unexpected health issue that came up Saturday that resulted in an unplanned vet visit.  The silver lining? I had money in the bank to cover the expense of the vet visit, her meds, and the testing (waiting on results...).

My kids are both sick.  Doctor visit, checking breathing and listening to lungs.  Now both are on an antibiotic.  This is Teagan's second round of antibiotics for this cough so she's also on prednisone.  Silver lining?  I have insurance so taking my kids to the doctor doesn't mean having to figure and plan how to pay for it.

My day started with my low indicator for a tire coming on in my car.  I already have this weird paranoia about tires and have frequent issues with my tires- that tire light indicator is a blessing and a curse sometimes!  Had to spend my morning at the garage... silver lining?  The tire is under warranty so there was no charge.  And I got to the place right after they opened so my car was the first in line!  I only had to wait about 30 minutes.

There is a constant silver lining in my life.  My husband.  He's my hero.  He does little things to make my day easier but also takes on big things to keep our family life as positive as possible.  Sure, we have little fights or snip at each other or maybe even have bigger fights sometimes.  But for the most part, we enjoy hanging out together, we enjoy spending time together, we enjoy each other.  We are partners, friends, and more (of course).  I love him!  He can handle the gross stuff- like cleaning up dog poo on the carpet.  He perks me up by surprising me with an iced caramel mocha when I'm waiting at the garage for an unexpected fix to my tire.  He helps hold the dog while I force her to take her medicine.  He is involved with the kids, never trying to shirk his duties.  He steps right up and takes responsibility instead of leaving it all to me.  He picks them up each day from camp.  He has no issue getting dinner started at home.  He does the laundry and takes out trash and does dishes.  He steps right up to help get the kids medication- from picking it up at the pharmacy to helping remember to actually give the medicine, too.  He doesn't take fatherhood or being a husband lightly.

There are plenty of clouds in my life- some are big storms that will take a while to pass overhead and some are little clouds that pop up, unexpected showers.  But if I take the time to look at it from the right perspective, I can find and appreciate that silver ling.



C. Beth said...

That's a great way to look at those unexpected "distractions," Liz! Glad you are finding the silver linings.

Garret said...

Maybe you're cursed? Just kidding.

Melissa said...

You're a woman after my own heart, Liz. This is why I started The Bright Side - because I was blessed with the curse of always being able to look on the bright side of any situation. :)