Friday, July 20, 2012

Broadway Camp

4 days of practice, 3 hours per day.  A group of about 20 girls.  A director and many camp counselors.  A 30 minute performance for 60 adults in a tiny room.

We are so proud of our girl!!

(Feel free to skip the first 2 videos.  Hard Knock is cute.  And then Her Line has her giving her 1 spoken line (very quickly) at the 14 second mark.  Smile is cute, Bows are cute.  Just to save you some time!)



Mellodee said...

Annie is a mighty ambitious undertaking for a day camp! (As I'm sure you know!) The music is not easy to sing and they did such a nice job. Kudos all around!!

(As they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!)

What fun!

Anonymous said...

Great job Teags! Loved watching the videos of you and your friends. Bet you worked really hard to get this all together in such a short time! I did a production of Annie one time...I was Annie. I remember singing those songs, too, and we had so much fun. Let me know if you do any other plays. I would love to come see you sometime!!! Love and miss you!! xoxo Ms. Lori

Garret said...

How cute! The Annie kid reminded me of Shirley Temple.

KPCL Girl said...

Oh my goodness. I watched "Hard Knock Life". She was dead-on. Move to the east side. Now.