Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stop Hatin'!

I'm a bit fed up today.

There's just too doggone much hate out there.

Stop Hatin'

Seriously.  Just stop.

Republicans.  Democrats.  Tea Partyers.  Christians. Atheists.  Women.  Men.  Working moms.  Stay at home moms.  Public school families, private school families, homeschooling families.    Bottle feeding moms.  Breastfeeding moms.  Obama supporters.  Romney supporters.  Traditional folks. Contemporary folks.  Coffee drinkers.  Tea drinkers.  Cat people.  Dog people.

I'm just tired of it.

I'm all for people having their opinions.  But if your opinion is used in a way to hurt someone else, you're hatin'.  Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to state what you support and why you support it without bashing those who hold a different opinion.

But let's go a little deeper.  Let's get more personal, shall we?

When did we stop seeking to understand other people and where they might be coming from?  When did we stop seeking the full story and take a sound bite or single sentence or one Facebook status and make a full judgement on that person?

Why can't we remember that the other side is filled with people?  People who love and hurt and cry and get angry.  People who work and learn.  People who explore and struggle and feel overwhelmed.  People who are insecure and confident and stressed out and blessed.  People.

The politicians have come out swinging with insane and hurtful and ridiculous accusations.  Stop hatin'.  Don't tell me a bunch of bad crap about your opponent.  Tell me about YOU and about your intentions and your accomplishments.

Moms tear each other up and spit each other out- or just spit on each other.  Fighting about parenting decisions but also getting all up in each other's business.  I get that people overshare but I also see that people are on the prowl, looking for a fight.

The corporate world can easily bully people- and not just their employees or associated businesses.

Sometimes, tough love is necessary.  Sometimes, hard words are needed.  I don't dispute that.  But if you have something hard to say to someone, are you saying it out of concern?  Or are you saying it to make them feel bad, make them feel worse, make you feel bigger?

Fighting injustice is important.  But if your method is to only make people feel like villians, you're missing the point.

There is enough hate and chosen ignorance and selfishness in the world.  Stop hatin' on other people, stop hatin' on yourself.  Start finding ways to promote kindness.  At the very least, bite your tongue, sit on your fingers and just don't bother sharing your opinion if you can't do it without belittling others.

The world already plays dirty.

Stop hatin'.



Alison said...

Hear, hear! It's like a crazy spiral of hate. Everyone's so used to it, they don't recognize it's a problem. You can't talk about anything without brewing into a controversy.

michelle said...

So funny. I was gonna start my comment with "hear, hear" (a phrase I NEVER use) but Alison beat me too it!

I completely agree with you. This is part of the reason I'm unplugged from all things media. I'm also just lazy.

I'm thinking maybe this age of communication provides a petrie dish for this better off squelched human quality

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for quite some time and this has moved me to finally comment!

This so beautifully sums up what I've been feeling in the past few weeks. Thank you for putting it out there.

Momza said...

Amen, Sistah! Contention weighs me down.
There's more than enough real challenges going on in the world without people's "opinions" adding to it. Well put!

Anonymous said...

What they said!

Cheri said...

I've been thinking about this post all day, impressed by the truth of it all. It inspired me to write a piece of my own, though I think I might've come across a bit crankier than you. ;-)


Katrina said...

So true, hate causes so much trouble in this world, I guess I understant "world peace" and why it would be so good for us all

Garret said...

You're absolutely right Liz. I wonder if technology did this to us?