Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Weekend of Celebration!

Friday and Saturday, I attended the Women of Faith event.  Last year, it had a big impact on me.  This year, I took away some very concrete things and had a good cry once.  I'll be sharing some of those concretely good things that I took away very soon.

Today, I have a very specific something to celebrate and I hope you'll celebrate with me!

To disconnect from all areas of stress in my life and be completely open to inspiration and time to praise God as a lead in to my birthday was awesome.

I slept 11 hours last night.

Teagan woke me with a huge and birthday greeting this morning.

My kids and my husband had cards and a gift they'd picked out for me.

Birthday greetings coming in on Facebook.

Sharing a birthday with a good friend and having a lunch plan with her today.

Knowing that the important things in life come from interruptions, knowing that I have some concrete points to ponder to help me face work on Monday, knowing I have friends who love me and support me, knowing my husband is by my side in all that life brings our way, knowing I have a daughter who is smart and fierce, knowing I have a son who is funny and joyful...

Knowing I have so much in my life to celebrate, knowing I am so incredibly blessed...

It is most certainly a happy birthday- starting with a good morning!



Call Me Cate said...

Sounds like you've had an amazing weekend. So glad! Happy (belated) birthday to you!

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday! I think that focusing on the beauty and wonderful things in your life is the perfect way to celebrate.

Tracy said...

Happy birthday! It's mine too! I love having birthday buddies.

C. Beth said...

Happy birthday!

And I love this:
"I have a daughter who is smart and fierce, knowing I have a son who is funny and joyful..."

Because that's a great description of my kids too!