Wednesday, August 8, 2012

And I Thought I Was Stressed Before

It's no secret that there have been changes in my job that have led to a lot more stress for me.  And it's no secret that the job stress has been impacting my health, my family, and so on.

Well, it's gotten better.

And worse.

I was doing better.  I was feeling better each day.  I felt like I was getting on top of things at work.  I wasn't in control of it- but felt like I was managing that lack of control just fine, much better.

And then it got worse.

My career in the business world has been the 12 years I have been with my company.  I've never experienced layoffs that touched my life personally.  I've been here when plants have been closed and hundreds of employees have lost their jobs.

But now there are layoffs and they are as close as they could be.

My department has been made up of a boss, 2 managers, and 11 employees.

My department is now 1 boss, 2 managers, and 4 employees.

7 people laid off in my department.  1 other office employee in another department laid off.

That day and the day after were filled with tears, fear, worry.  It was an incredibly difficult today for every single person directly involved from our Human Resources staff to our boss, our managers, and each of us.

In addition, all the work changes that have been looming are happening.

And our much smaller department is being completely realigned.  Our roles are being reassessed, the work is being evaluated to determine what stays and what goes.  My job will be changing.  Again.

But at least I woke up today knowing I have my job.

I have to give serious respect to my company.  Instead of telling these people to pack up and go, those impacted by the layoff have 45 days to remain in their current positions.  During this time, they are encouraged to use work hours to work with an outplacement service to improve resumes, brush up interview skills, and apply for outside the company jobs.  They are also very much encouraged to apply for jobs within the company in other areas.  It's no guarantee, it's no definite job future... but it's better than "here's your severance, good luck."

The two people I am closest to at work are leaving.  On a selfish and personal level, it really sucks that working relationships and friendships I've had will be impacted.  I hate coming to work knowing that there will soon be a day when my friends aren't here.  There will be a day when the people I enjoy working with and have a great working relationship with might no longer be in the scope of my job.

So it's yet another extended period of changes and great unknowns.



C. Beth said...

What a challenging time, Liz. I'm supporting you and praying for you, long-distance.

Garret said...

Ugh. I'm so happy you got to keep your job. I hope your realignment improves your job overall. So sorry about your friends.