Thursday, August 16, 2012

If I Could Spend 1 More Day @IndyStateFair

I'm thinking I will take the kids to the Indiana State Fair one last time this Saturday.  It's closing weekend so it's the last chance and there is still stuff I haven't enjoyed!

My one regret this year is that I didn't have an opportunity to take a day to go to the Fair without children.  I won't be able to spend a lot of time in the Home & Family Arts Building or sitting and watching demonstrations.  It has been better than I expected to have the kids with me each time but I still miss my one day when it's just me and Christy or other adult companions.

There are just 4 days left and there is plenty to see and not miss!!

There are 3 admission deals left- 2 for today and 1 for Sunday.

AAA DAY: Hoosier AAA members receive free admission on Aug. 16 when they show their valid membership card at the gate. One valid AAA card per person.
FREE ADMISSION FOR MILITARY PERSONNEL AND FAMILIES: The State Fair is honoring our current and former members of the Armed Forces by offering free admission for them and family members on Thursday, Aug. 16 , with presentation of a military I.D.
$2 DISCOUNT ON PEPSI NEXT DAY WITH PEPSI BRAND CAN: All visitors who bring any Pepsi brand can on the fair’s final day, Sunday, Aug. 19 will receive $2 off gate admission.

Things I have enjoyed on my visits that I think are really must-see or do:

Super Dogs - These dogs are eager to run fast, leap high, and put on a great show!  It's audience interactive and tons of fun!  Teagan's favorite part was after the show when the audience is invited to stay after and meet the Super Dogs. (Celebration Park- by the 4H Buildings)

Flippenout Trampoline Show - This was awesome!!  There were 3 guys and they did an incredible show!  Go to the link and scroll down for a video of what they do.  It's hard to describe the set up.  One of the really cool things about the show is that one of the jumpers was an Olympic athlete and another holds many titles and another has gone to the Olympic trials.  These are people who are serious about this sport- but also recognize the fun of the trampoline.  (Family Fun Park)

We didn't see the Rainforest show in the Family Fun Park but we did enjoy seeing the animals on display- parrots and some really interesting rainforest animals.

While you're in the Family Fun Park, head towards the back and get a lemon shake up from the best lemon shake up booth at the fair (in my humble opinion).

If you are heading to the Fair today, stop by the Farm Bureau Building for A Taste of Indiana Farms!  It's one of my favorite events in years past.  There will be a line but it moves smoothly.  You get samples at each booth as well as recipes and learn about some interesting products farmed in Indiana.  Everything from bison to watermelon to honey!  There is also a 1:00 talk at the DNR Building about the Underground Railroad in Indiana that I think would be very interesting.

If you are heading to the Fair tomorrow, check out Percheron Thunder at 5:00 in the Pepsi Coliseum.  Beautiful animals!  If horses aren't your thing, head over to Farm Bureau Building for the auctioneer calling contest! You can also check out the roller derby at 7!  I'm also intrigued by something called "Pack of Chihuahuas" at the Main Street Stage from 5:30-7.  And there is a Beatles tribute band at 8 on the Free Stage.  A lot to do on a Friday evening!

If I go on Saturday, I want to make sure to hear some music at the Pioneer Village barn, check out dance groups at the Ford Dance Stage, and maybe stay long enough to see Percheron Thunder at 4:00.  Saturday is also the baton twirling contest in the Farm Bureau Building and 4-H Dog Show Top Dog Test at 11 in the West Pavilion.  I also need to walk through the Expo Hall, check out the Lego display in the Home & Family Arts Building, have another ear of corn and maybe a sweet treat like deep fried oreos and I haven't had nearly enough Dairy Bar chocolate milk and I want another glass of tomato juice in the Ag/Hort Building...


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Alison said...

Hey, come October, I think you should travel down to Raleigh and write a recommended list for the NC State Fair. I'm so used to our "little" county fair, my head starts spinning at the state fair. :)