Sunday, August 19, 2012

Up, Up and Away @ConnerPrairie

The kids and I ended up on a special adventure yesterday!  We knew it was going to be a fun day- we got haircuts by our favorite stylist (Sassy Sally at Sola Salons), went out for lunch and ice cream, and then decided to spend the rest of the day at Conner Prairie.

Through a twist of fate, we ended up on a special adventure thanks to a friend.  From our house and neighborhood, we often see the Conner Prairie balloon - 1859 Balloon Voyage.  We've never had the chance to go up in the balloon- it's not usually flying when we are there due to weather.  Today was our lucky day!

But we started our day with a fun visit to 1836 Prairietown.  We haven't been to CP this summer and they have made some great changes to really add to the interactive piece of the history park.  We stopped by the "Outfitter" and selected a seek and find book.  This was perfect for my kids.  We had a description and drawing of a building to find and then questions to ask of the people in that building.  We visited a home, the blacksmith, the store, and the school.

Zach's always happy when he finds a map.  He loves to see where we are on the map and where we've already been.

In the school... she looks appropriately bored.

We headed to the balloon area and were excited to find a very fun exploration area set up.  You could learn about the balloon and the history of flight but the part we really enjoyed was the photo area!

And then there was the trip up to 377 feet in a tethered balloon... with incredible views!

But perhaps the best find was the playground behind the balloon experience area.  This was a fantastic playground where kids are encouraged to take risk, be courageous, and have serious fun!

Our membership is up in 2 weeks.  We hadn't been all summer and I think today sealed the deal- we will definitely be renewing!

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Actingbalanced said...

That playground does look incredible for a climber! my kids would have a blast!

Nancy said...

One of the many things that I miss about the Indy area is Conner Prairie. We had a membership as well and went once or twice a month. I am glad that you all had a good time!

Wayne W Smith said...

Those are some incredible shots. There are at least four frame worthy ones there. Well done!

Keetha Broyles said...

I only ever went to Connor Prairie once, but I sure did enjoy the visit.

Tara R. said...

The aerial shots are wonderful! Looks like you all had a great adventure.

Unknown said...

Wow. That tour wore me out. I think my fave is the bored schoolgirl shot. Perfect!

StarTraci said...

Looks like a truly magical day!


Claudya Martinez said...

You take some fantastic photos of those gorgeous kids. What a great adventure! I hope you make a large print of that 3rd picture; it's great.

Garret said...

Well look at Zach with mismatched socks, what a rebel.

We never had such cool play areas when I was a kid!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures!

Michelle said...

How cool! I've often wished we lived closer to CP (and you! and your church!!) The playground looks awesome.