Monday, April 8, 2013

Conner Prairie

As part of our time off for Spring Break, I took the kids to Conner Prairie for an afternoon.  We are members and it is one of our favorite places to visit.  I was concerned the place might be packed due to spring break.  However, the weather was a bit chilly and I think that kept the crowds away.  Which meant we ended up with a very special visit!

It's always fun to try out the stilts!

The medicines in the doctor's office - neat to see items still used for health today (like chamomile, flax seed, and epsom salt).

I don't know what kind of bird this is but he was loud and pretty!
When we visited the Golden Eagle Inn, there was literally no one else around.  The costumed interpreter must have been super excited to finally have some company - he eagerly asked if the kids wanted to help him make gingersnaps.  He had the dough all ready and showed them how to sprinkle flour on the cutting board and how to roll out the dough and how to use a tin cup to cut out circles.  He would then put the cookies on the griddle over the fire.  The kids worked as a team - and worked very independently once he had shown them what to do.  I just stood back and enjoyed watching.


This calf took a real liking to Teagan's coat - must have been tasty!

2 baby goats played "king of the hill."  The littlest goat won - it was hilarious!

Goat in a tote.

Baby goats - 3 were born one week ago and 1 had been born just days before.

This was Zach's first time being willing to participate in candle making.  We had the station to ourselves so the kids got a great lesson from the worker there and got to work on dipping many many candles!

Cold hands?
Warm fire!

 Visiting the blacksmith was awesome, too.  Again, we were the only ones there for a bit.  So the kids really got some one on one attention from the blacksmith and Teagan knocked my socks off with how smart she was!!  The blacksmith was asking questions and she was using that noggin to figure out the logical answer.  It was great!



Garret said...

It was a definite plus that your kids got a lot of special attention!

rebeca @ the average parent said...

We love Conner Prairie too...especially now that they have the interactive activities that force you to ask questions and talk to the townspeople. It's well worth the membership.