Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break

My kids are on Spring Break this week.

On Friday, we all stayed home.  I worked from home in the morning and then the kids and I went to Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve and went on a hike.

On Monday, I stayed home with the kids.  We spent the afternoon at Conner Prairie.

Both excursions were fantastic.  I took lots of pictures and will share them once I get them loaded from the camera.

The kids spent Tuesday and Weds at home with Jeff.  They got to watch TV, play video games, go out to lunch, and even got to go to work with Dad a few times.

Today, the kids are off to child care... Jeff and I needed to be back at work.  The YMCA offers spering break camp.  This year's theme was a "summer preview."  The camp is doing activities that you will find at the summer day camp and also taking field trips to places that the Y is involved with during the summer.

Today, they are visiting a YMCA overnight summer camp.  This is awesome for Teagan because chances are slim that she will ever go to overnight camp on her own.  This is a chance to see what the place looks like, feels like, and experience the activities there.  Tomorrow, they are visiting a local farm.

I have arranged my day so that I can leave early - I am very eager to hear how the day has gone.

Zach was very nervous.  Didn't want to go.  And it broke my heart a little bit.  He tried so hard to put on a brave face when we got there.  Teagan promised to take care of him, to include him, to hang out with him as much as possible.  I had to put on my brave Mommy face as I walked them in but didn't linger, didn't remain longer than necessary.

We didn't do anything big for spring break.  No trips to Florida or Alabama or Disney.  No road trips to nearby cities.  We spent time together as a family.  We had treats.  We laughed.  We explored.  We relaxed.

I totally understand why Zach didn't want to face that fear of being in a new place.  I understand why he just wanted to stay home.

Because I'd sure like to go enjoy some more adventures with my kids right now.


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