Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Down Time

Down time is very important.  But we really don't give ourselves the right kind of down time, do we?

I know that I am very guilty of having a packed schedule and my "down time" being sitting my lazy booty on the couch in front of the TV for 2 hours after the kids are in bed.

But that kind of down time does nothing to really repair my soul or renew my spirit, does it?

There are all different reasons to get away.  We're taking a family vacation in June and going to Disney World - for the first time.  I think there might be a time that I'd want to get away to a spa and focus on foods that nourish my body, treatments that cleanse and awaken my skin, activities that strengthen me.  Someday, I'd love to take a vacation with just my husband.

But what I've been craving most recently is connection to close friends without interruption of kids or job or responsibilities.  I want spiritual retreat - to have quiet time to praise God and silent time to hear Him.  I want connection to women who understand me, compliment me, strengthen me, walk a similar path.  I want laughter, singing, talking, nature, solitude and togetherness.  Sounds complicated, yes?

But it isn't.

A good friend contacted me with an idea - let's rent a cottage or cabin in Brown County or something.  Into nature, away from the world.

I am eager to go.  I am eager to cook with friends.  To sit still.  To soak in a hot tub.  To drink wine.  To walk.  To sing into the trees.  To take photographs.  To talk.  To laugh.  To play games.  To simply... be.


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C. Beth said...

Good for you! It was nice when I got to go on a women's retreat a couple of weekends ago. Just getting away, somewhere beautiful and green, is healing.