Monday, March 2, 2009

Because GOOD NEWS Rules!

I'm all about paying it forward. When I've got some spare cash, I've been known to pay for the car behind me. And stories like this one really inspire me!! A "Pay It Forward" of coffee beverages started on Saturday morning at the Starbucks on John Deere Road in Moline. It all started when one person decided to pay for the car behind them the Starbucks drive-thru. The next driver also decided to "Pay it Forward" by paying for the drink of the person behind them, and so forth. The chain continued for more than 150 customers. "He [the Starbucks employee] explained to me that the woman paid for the drink behind her and its just been going on all day," said customer Amanda Burkert. Many customers said the gestures were a surprise to some in today's falling economy. Over 150 customers took part. Two months ago, a similar pay it forward chain started at a Starbucks in Des Moines, Iowa, but it lasted for only 53 customers. Here's hoping this inspires you!


Jackie E. said...

I really love the whole idea of paying it forward!! I think there's definitely something to be said for random acts of kindness both for the do-er and the do-ee. Can I say that like that? lol

skywind said...

Starbucks chain?