Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Fragments

It's FRIDAY!! Wahoo!! Time for some Fragments, hosted by Mrs.4444. First- a spider. I HATE SPIDERS. I am generally well known for horror movie style screams and absolute panic attacks when it comes to happening upon a spider- even worse if the spider happens upon me first. Almost had a heart attack when a little spider came scurrying up my pregnant-Teagan-containing belly years ago... but since having kids, Jeff and I both have made great efforts and strides to not pass this fear on to our kids. Which means a lot more spiders get to live because we tend to ignore them now. This weekend, the kids were playing on the deck and Teagan announces that there is a spider. Thinking she really means a leaf or piece of fuzz, we ask for a description. Her response is that it is yellow and orange and green. Riiiight. So it must be a made up spider, right? Nope. Check it out. I actually liked this little guy. It was a huge challenge to get a good picture of him (I want one of those cool lenses for my Nikon D40 so I can take serious insect close ups). I actually got my best shot with my camera phone! Anyway- it was all well and good until I did some online research to learn about multi-colored spiders. Maybe it's a gay pride spider? Who knows? Best I could find was it's an orb something-or-other. I didn't learn much more than that because the pics began to eek me out- to the point that I had to try and outrun the tickly-itchies all the way down the hallway. Second- Jump. A series about puddles and toes.
Third- GLEE GLEE GLEE GLEE GLEE!!!! It was AWESOME! Did you watch? Huh? Didja?
Fourth- I have had more coffee this morning than I've had most of the week. Just 2 cups. But yesterday I had a Mocha Joe and no hot coffee. Weds was crap day at work and I never even drank a whole cup. Tues I was at home and never had any coffee... so I am BUZZED right now!
Fifth- And it's a darn good thing I've got this serious caffeine buzz working because my work day started with a big old government contract review summation that was a brain twister.
Sixth- Did you know that Smithsonian Museum Day is coming up? Don't miss it!!! We plan to enjoy a free day at the living history museum up the street- and this year, I really want to get a membership so we can go more often. I had intended to at the start of the summer but things were so hectic every weekend that we wouldn't have enjoyed it much anyway. One of my first ever blog posts was about our trip to Conner Prairie on Museum Day!
Seventh- Happy Birthday to my Mommy!!! I won't tell you how old she is... that would be rude... but my next Fragment will give it away... My mom, dad, and brothers are coming to spend the day with us tomorrow- it's what my mom requested. My dad spends very little time with my kids. Getting him to my house is a chore. But it is the best way to force him into a situation where he can't escape being around the family. It isn't that he doesn't love us- he does- a lot. I just don't think he knows how to be a grandpa and hasn't taken the initiative to figure it out.
Eighth- It's been 8 years since 9/11. Where were you? I had taken the day off work and was driving to Cincinnati. I was taking my mom shopping and out to lunch- just the 2 of us. I was bopping along to a local pop station when the news broke in... and I thought it was a tasteless joke on the part of the DJ. So I switched to NPR... and it was true. I was halfway to Cincinnati and couldn't see, could only hear what was being reported. I think I ended up listening to Charles Gibson and Tom Brokaw through out that drive. We watched TV when I got to the house... and then made an attempt at celebrating mom's 50th birthday as planned. Got to the mall and after 20 minutes, they closed all shops, closed the mall. Not much else we could do. It was hard to celebrate a milestone birthday while scared and sad and angry at all that was happening in NYC and DC.
Ninth- Teagan and I had a date last night- which means Jeff and Zach had their own special time together. Church is about a block away from preschool. I parked at church, walked to her school, we walked to the Subway around the corner, had dinner, and then walked to church together for Music Team. So I had special time with my favorite girl and then got to fill my heart and soul with praise and music and laughter and friendship. My friend Ashli is the one who really got me into Music Team and I am so thankful to her for it! I don't know how long I would have waited if she hadn't taken the initiative and spilled the beans to our Pastor. But Music Team has become something I need. My week is better when I get that time with my church family. My worship experience is better when I am participating and serving. So hopefully Teagan keeps up her good bedtime choices so we can keep doing Music Team dates on Thursdays!
Tenth- Final Fragment! Are you watching The Guild? Do you know about it? If you don't, you need to!!! I discovered it this weekend- all thanks to my gaming husband. I'd heard mention here and there about The Guild. Jim had told me to check it out. Jeff sent me a link to "Do You Want To Date My Avatar?" From that link, you can watch Season 1. Or you can go to The Guild's website and watch all of Season 1 and Season 2 like I did this weekend!! If you enjoyed Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, you will enjoy The Guild. If you are a gamer or know any gamers... you will enjoy The Guild. If you have a sense of humor about socially awkward nerdy types... you will enjoy the Guild! So go watch it!
Eleventh- OK, a PS Fragment... I am married to a nerdy, comic book loving, computer geek man. And I support his nerdy interests to the best of my ability. Case in point... I buy superhero t-shirts for Zach all the time. He is well versed in Spiderman and The Hulk, in particular. Teagan goes on dates with Daddy to the comic shop and Zach will soon begin going along with them. The struggle? Finding little girl superhero shirts!! I hit up a sale at Old Navy yesterday- 50% off red tagged in store items- and was stocking up on summer clothes for next year when I happened upon a collection of kids classic t shirts. I found a pink and sparkly Spiderman shirt for Teagan! She's wearing it today but I haven't gotten a pic yet... she was so excited to get a Spiderman shirt of her very own! Uncle Jim, since you work for Marvel... spread the word... little girls love the things their daddies love and that means COMICS. We need more little girl superhero gear, please!
Have a great weekend!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

GLEE is simply awesome. I LOVE IT!!

And spiders? You are insane for leaving a single one alive anywhere. I have been known to march out of my office til someone can come destroy (and I want to see guts) the 8 legged messenger from hell.

That one in your pic? Will haunt me for days. I don't care if he's gay or straight. As long as he's dead.

Hallie :)

Sara Elizabeth said...

I love, love, love Glee! Woot woot!

I too am scared of spiders. I wouldn't have even liked that one. I don't kill them, I just run from them. I have never seen one with thos colors, though. It's interesting looking.

Happy FF!

Garret said...

A gay spider? Hmph.

Female superheros? I love 'em. Storm from the XMen and my ultimate favorite is Wonder Woman of DC! Make shirts for Teagan with iron ons. Buy some plain tshirts for her and make them. Print onto iron on material and viola! The internet is such a wonderful source for photos. Try Ms. Marvel, Storm, Wonder Woman, Spiderwoman, Supergirl, Batgirl, etc.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Garret, you genious!! See- this is why tired moms everywhere need gay fans of comics in their lives. Iron ons! Now I'm on a misson! There was a shirt with Wonder Woman and 2 other female characters (I don't remember which ones now) and it said something about it being a girls' world an dboys only live in it or something... but they didn't have a small enough size to warrant buying it at full price.

MrsSki said...

Spiders freak me out. But I'm usually the one that has to perform their death sentence because Mr. Ski is such a baby when it comes to spiders. I've killed more spiders since I've been married than I ever did when I was single! And I could have swore spider assassinations and trash day were the husband's jobs...but apparently both of those jobs fall into my category!

So glad you got some special time with Teagan! And I love the puddle jumping pictures...they are precious!

Garret said...

They make iron ons for dark colors and light colors to watch out. Google girls hero quotes and things alike and I'm sure you can layout something quite crafty. Maybe Teagan can help with the layout.

Claudya Martinez said...

I've never seen a gay spider before. That was pretty awesome.

Feliz CumpleaƱos to your Mother!!!

Alison said...

So much to respond to, I'm sure I'll miss half of it.

I share your spider fear, but I can handle them better outside. Growing up in the country, I guess I figured they were ok as wildlife (plus, there's more room to move away from them...provided you didn't just walkthroughawebohmygodOHMYGODWHEREISIT!?).

I'd love to compare your spider scream to my mom's snake scream--oh, the stories...

I also thought 9/11 was a bad radio joke, too!! Glad to know I wasn't the only one incapable of believing it at first.

Miss Chef is a big Batman fan, and gets into lots of the superhero movies. You know if I find a kid-sized pink superhero shirt, I'm gonna ask for your mailing address, right? :D

mimbles said...

I like spiders. Yes, I'm weird, I know. (And this despite living in close proximity to Redbacks and Sydney Funnel-webs) I do prefer the larger ones not to live inside my house (they get caught and released) but the outside ones I find fascinating.

Tom is singing Date My Avatar while playing in the loungeroom right this very minute.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

Spiders creep me out. I'm itchy now. But I have to admit, that spider is kinda cool looking!

Happy FF! :)

Stacy Uncorked said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

Spiders creep me out. I'm itchy now. But I have to admit, that spider is kinda cool looking!

Happy FF! :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Yikes! That spider is big enough to be a humming bird!

LOVE the puddle jumping :-)

mub said...

EVERYONE is blogging about Glee! I feel so out of touch *L*

The sparkly t-shirt sounds awesome!

Mrs4444 said...

Not sure what the draw is for Glee (Kyle and Kendall are hooked), but I might off if I turn off the computer when we watch this week :)

The puddle pics are wonderful.

BTW, I learned this week that if you keep a hunk of some certain kind of wood (red maple, maybe??), it will repel spiders!

Gotta run to the block party! Hope you're having a great weekend :)