Saturday, May 22, 2010


One of my favorite things to make these days is soup. I've tried once or twice in the past but it didn't turn out so great. But I've started to make soup like I actually know what I'm doing and the results are pretty tasty!! I did a repeat but added to version I made before- Pot Roast Soup. This is Teagan's favorite soup. We ate out for dinner tonight and I told Teagan I had made this soup and she asked if she could have it for dessert! This time, since I didn't actually have a leftover pot roast, I bought some on sale stew meat. I browned up the meat. I used 12 cups of water, 12ish ts of beef base, 1ish ts of onion soup base. I added in several pinches of that special smoked salt I bought recently at a Farmer's Market. I added a healthy dash of "best"ershire sauce. Then cut up potato and fresh green beans. Also added in some chopped onion. I had some for lunch yesterday- it was very good! Next time I heat some up, I'm going to toss in a bunch of baby spinach. Soup is just a super easy way of using up produce. It's a great way of getting in several servings of veggies at once. It's comforting and tasty no matter what time of year. In fact, I'm thinking I might add some oyster mushrooms to my soup when I heat it up. Any thoughts on that? Do you have a favorite soup? So far, I'm just making them up as I go. Either a beef or chicken base and then... whatever veggies suit my mood! Photobucket


C. Beth said...

I love making soups!! Here's a link to all the soup recipes on my Delicious page. I've linked to some fantastic ones there.

Katherine said...

I love soup, although now that the weather is warming up, we don't eat it as often.

My very favorite soup is my roasted butternut squash soup. I could eat this soup every single day! I also love brocolli-cheese, creamy potato, and corn chowder. Ohh, now I want to go make soup.

Joanie said...

I was going to say you should look into getting a soup cookbook, but I always forget you can get terrific recipes online! Check out the weight watchers site and maybe even south beach.

My ex made the best soups (except he liked pepper too much).

Unknown said...

I have a couple that I like to make! Black Bean soup; white chicken chili, hamburger minestrone (which may now become ground turkey or chicken minestrone!), and of course, good old regular-like-Mom-taught-me-to-make chili!

My neighbor makes a tortellini soup and puts spinach's really good.

Hmmm....makes me wonder if I should make some soup tonight!

Jason, as himself said...

I find making soup so relaxing. I love to make it, but my family doesn't like to eat it that much. Especially not Giancarlo. It makes him kind of grouchy; he doesn't think soup is a meal.

My favorite soup to make is chili--does that count as soup?

I also make a mean Italian white bean soup and an awesome potato leak soup.

Unknown said...

I like soup :) and I like you! Have a happy Sunday!

Kori said...

I love to make soup, but there are few that everyone likes, so I stick with chicken and homemade nodle, and chili, and very rarely a beef one.