Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jeff's Blog Idea

I'm stumped for a topic. So I asked my husband, "What do you think I should blog about?" His list of ideas: Men wearing women's clothing. And women wearing men's clothing. Why do people get mad about Glee being in appropriate for kids? It isn't designed for kids to watch! The chicken dance Farting in public Tuna Getting kicked in the taco Dealing with the loss of a pet and with the aging of a pet Jeff has a blog. He doesn't keep up with it. He did for a while and then he stopped. Then he opened up in a huge way and then he stopped again. Then he started a second blog and then he stopped again. Here are my ideas for blog topics for him to write about: A Day In The Life (just writing about what a typical day is like for him) What he really thinks of my dedication to getting healthier Religion, church, God - where he stands with all of it What he loves most about his kids How has fatherhood changed him? Food. Why he chose me It's funny to see the differences in our lists! What would you choose for each of us to write about? This is your chance- Jeff and I both agree that we will take whatever topic you select from the list for each of us and we will blog about that topic! Photobucket


Unknown said...

What planet are men from again?

Lola said...

For Him:
How has fatherhood changed him?

LOL at his list- sounds like something my husband would write- only his list would also include "Write about how you can't stay awake during the Star Wars movies"

For you:
Men wearing women's clothing. And women wearing men's clothing.

Because there are lots of ways you could go with that topic.

Mary P (Barnmaven) said...

I think Lori's comment says it all. :D

Jenni said...

Is it bad that I have a half-written post in my drafts folder about farting?

c3 said...

For him: I'm torn between "How has fatherhood changed him" and "Food." The religion, etc., would be good, too. How about 3 posts?

For you: I think "the chicken dance" is the one for you. Please?

Nancy said...

I would like to hear what Jeff has to say about your healthier lifestyle. I know he is supporting you, but what does he really think? I would also like to hear Jeff's thoughts on religion, God, and church.

I have a friend who once said, "what is the world coming to when farts aren't funny", so what are you thoughts on public farting??

Jason, as himself said...

Kicked in the taco? Kicked in the taco?

I'd like you both to write about the one thing that the other does that you like the most. And then the one thing that the other does that drives you the craziest.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I think you guys should do a he-said, she-said about something fun and frivolous, like your evening television habits or something.

It always cracks me up when my sister-in-law talks about the shows "we" watch, and my brother tries to make it clear to me that many of them are not his choice.