Saturday, May 1, 2010

FitCity: Fun Food Journaling

I have a post to share later today... but since I can't post it until later, I hope you will jump over to Fit City and check out my post about Photo Food Journaling!


Do you journal your food?  I know plenty of people who write down everything they eat- it keeps them on track and helps them track calories and such.

Recently, Eleather posted a link to an article about people who do photo journaling of their food.  For some, it’s practically an obsession- taking a picture of anything they are about to consume, even borrowing a cell phone if they forgot their camera. 

I thought it sounded like a really fantastic idea!  I’ve done it twice now- spent an entire day taking pics of my food and then sharing on my blog or on Facebook.  The first time, it was fun and sparked some fun conversations about food.  The second time, it ended up being a huge learning lesson.  Here are the pictures that I took the second time.

By taking pictures of my food on that day, I realized I was missing an important part of a healthy diet.  Green!  I had no green food all day long.  Red, orange, yellow- yes.  No broccoli, no spinach, no green beans, no salad.  Had I written down my food that day, I’m not certain I would have had that realization.  But by having visuals of the food I had consumed, I could see, clearly, what was missing.

Have you ever photo journaled your food?  I think it would be fun to have a day of food pic sharing on the Fit City Facebook page.  You don’t need any fancy equipment- my pics are all from my cell phone.  If you blog, share them on your blog.  Share them on the Fit City Facebook page.  Or keep them to yourself.  But it’s an interesting task and a great learning experience!



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