Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Random Thoughts on TV This Week

There was a lot on TV this week that left me... wanting something more, something different. LOST - I was disappointed in the finale. If it had been a plain old episode, I would have enjoyed it. Had it been the season finale, I would have loved it. But as the end all, be all SERIES FINALE... Boo! I loved that character story lines. I cried with the reunions and flooding of memories and I totally "got it." But I'm feeling dissed. The writers and creators kept making promises- the past 6 seasons- that they had the storyline planned out and that all questions would be answered. I've also heard that the focus is on the characters and that those are the storylines that weer supposed to be tied up so that's why the finale went the way it did. Here's my 2 big issues: 1. If the finale was supposed to be about the characters, about the human drama, why didn't we learn more about how they ended up where they did? Why didn't we get some info about how some got off the island and how some died and where they died and what kind of lives they led before dying and ending up in this place where they regained those memories and waited for Jack? It was great to see loves reunited but there is more to a person's story than their spouse or soulmate- did anyone go on to have kids or cure cancer or write great plays or... ??? 2. They kinda sorta left out some important people. I wasn't happy about Michael and Walt not even being mentioned in the finale. I understand that Eko didn't cooperate so he wasn't included. But Michael and Walt were a huge part of the show for a lot of fans! But the main character of the entire show was completely ignored. THE ISLAND. The finale should have clued us in as to the history of the island, what it really was, how it came to be, what role it played in the world. What the heck is a smoke monster? What's the giant magnetic pull? Is that really a hole directly to hell? The point has been clearly made that the island was REAL and that everything that happened on the island REALLY HAPPENED. Then why was there no solid explanation for this very sci-fi island?? If the characteristics of the island weren't to be explained, why make it such a mystical and mystifying place? Why not just have them crash on some island in the Bermuda Triangle and make the show about basic survival? There was no place for the mystery of the island in that finale and that really left me disappointed. AMERICAN IDOL - The less talented person won. I was disappointed that my favorite contestant (I'd been rooting on Team Bowersox since her audition) didn't win. But... and I've said this with other seasons... I think it will be better for her career to NOT win American Idol. She will do the tour and fulfill that contractual obligation but then she will have more control over who she signs with and what she produces and I think that will be awesome. In fact, I have to wonder if Simon, Kara, or Randy snatched her up as soon as the credits rolled? GLEE - Glee was the saving grace of the week. It was the highlight of TV and so much more. The Lady Gaga stuff was awesome but... there was this speech... and I cried and I rejoiced and I was on the edge of my couch... I watched it and thought of all the people and kids I've known who are gay and who had parents that would have been on the "faggy" end of that conversation instead of on the "not in my house" end. I wish that any child who is coming to terms with their sexuality could have a parent like Burt- he doesn't understand Kurt being gay. He's honest about that. He's had a lot of dreams that he's had to let go of for his son (he talked about that in another episode). But he loves his son and he is working to understand, defend, be there. Burt is becoming one of my hands down favorite TV characters... How about you? Any great TV moments for you this week? Any thoughts on the big finales? Photobucket


C. Beth said...

Couldn't read your LOST synopsis; we are still on Season 5, so we have to catch up! And I don't watch Glee. But I totally agree with everything you said about Crystal!

Katherine said...

I feel like everyone wants me to be disappointmed by LOST, but I just can't be. Yes, there are LOTS of questions that I wanted answered that weren't. But I guess I'd already decided that there was no way the series could end that wasn't a dissapointment, so this was as good as any I could think of.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen Lost so I skipped that because it is on our Netflix queue to watch:-)

We are 24 fanatics and the series finale was this week and they did the ending justice.

Our satellite went out that night and we were devastated, but we caught it on the laptop the next day!

Amy said...

Grey's Anatomy. Had me on the edge of my seat -- totally intense!