Friday, August 13, 2010

Feeling Fragments. Feeling Good.

Mommy's Idea First, my Feel Good Friday Fragment: Teagan has had an AWESOME week at school. If you are a new visitor to my blog (hi!!!), we've been struggling a lot since the end of June with a very sudden onset of some really yucky and very un-like-our-kid behaviors from our 5 1/2 year old daughter. I blogged about it a lot in July if you are really itnerested. It's all normal stuff- no concern about needing to see a doc or anything. But it's made for a very frustrating summer and there have been times that fun stuff has had to be sacrificed. Ever since last Wednesday, when I laid down the law and flat out told her that the meltdowns and screaming and fighting and hurting others at school is not allowed... things have changed. Thursday at school- perfect. Thursday evening at home- perfect. Friday we went to the Fair and she did great. Saturday ended with a meltdown but she was exhausted and still working through the awesomeness of the previous days. And we've been on a great streak ever since. It hasn't been perfect at home but it has been massively improved. She has gotten daily excellent reports at school- she's back to being the Teagan they knew 2 months ago. She's helpful, thoughtful, kind and considerate. Kindergarten starts on Monday and I'm so glad that we can start it from this better place! *****
Weird pics for the week:
This was captured by phone at the State Fair. Who wears short shorts? He wears short shorts! A parade! Personally, I'd dress up a bit more if I was going down Main St on a tractor... Next 2 are for my bloggy buddy, Garret. (Took this one from the ferris wheel- pretended you might be in one of them. Ha!) ***** If you'd like to see nice pics from the Indiana State Fair, please visit my picture blog. ***** Saw this while driving the other day. Pic doesn't capture it very well. But the image on this van is creepy. I get what compression gear does and what it's for... I just didn't realize people bought them to hide their yeti-hairy-legs and feet. Or that a company would seriously want to advertise themselves with this image! Saw this on our way to our playdate on Saturday- dog hanging out back and ARF on the license plate. Ha!
***** I suppose I can't say too much about it... but Jeff's workplace has been under semi-lockdown all week due to serious and scary threats made by an ex-employee. The company has even had to cancel the Employee Appreciation event at the Indianapolis Zoo this weekend. I'm bummed- but we will still go to the Zoo with the kids since they already knew we were going.


There is a local food truck called West Coast Tacos. They do lunch and dinner service. They announce their location on Facebook and Twitter. I've never been able to try them because it's never convenient for me. But people rave about these tacos. They are coming to Conner Prairie on Saturday for lunch service. We might need to go... Plus, we're members of Conner Prairie and the kids haven't had a good chance to go this summer.


I'm going out with a new group of women tonight! My friend, Emily (met her through blogging), is getting a group of her friends together for food and drinks and fun at Scotty's Brewhouse (one of my favorite establishments) and very kindly invited me to join them. I think I will only know Emily so I'm a little nervous about meeting all these new people... but am really looking forward to martinis and the dessert menu.


Jeff is detailing out the events of the game he played with cast members of the web series The Guild. Go read about it on his blog- This Is Jeffardy.


How has your week been? Any good weekend plans? Photobucket


Lola said...

Well- De'Neshay may also come tonight- but it's Ramadan so she won't be drinking, so she's not sure - we may or may not see her.
However, you will get to know these ladies and love each of them for different reasons- it's a great group. Most of whom I only see 1x a year in person - the rest of the time on facebook. I can't wait- it's going to be so much fun!

Momza said...

Busy week for you as always!
I had a fabulous week at Rocky Mtn National Park...where there is never a bad day to be there!
This weekend is still up for grabs!
We have tickets for 6 flags, but we might just get ready for school that starts on Monday!

mimbles said...

So happy that things have come good for Teagan, you must have hit just the right note at just the right time with the firm boundary setting.

That's a bit freaky about Jeff's work, I hope it's all resolved soon.

Have a wonderful time tonight! And have a martini for me :-)

We're supposed to be going to the art gallery tomorrow but as I was having a bit too much fun tonight and ended up getting the kids home to bed at nearly 11pm we might re-think the wisdom of dragging them into the city on minimal sleep!

dollycas aka Lori said...

So glad Teagan the good has returned!!! Worried about your husband work. Sound like you have a lot of fun things planned and the pics gave me a great big smile. Love the dog!!!


Karen M. Peterson said...

Some of those fair

Hope the situation with the ex-employee gets resolved quick. How creepy!

We have a taco truck like that here in Orange County. They only do dinner right now, and it's Korean/Mexican fusion that's supposed to be amazing, but they only announce their locations on Twitter. They've developed quite the following.

Angelia Sims said...

Oh my gosh! Those photos cracked me up. Too funny!

My fiance's little girl had behavior problems at that age too. She just turned six and is still a little inconsistent. I hope she does better in 1st grade. She is really smart!

Happy Friday! I can't wait for the Fair to get to Texas (next month).

I am taking engagement pictures for my ex-cousin-in-law. It will be a first for me. Excited and nervous about it. :-)

Bill Lisleman said...

great pics - do you take pictures while driving? I have but I not often.
In the parade pic, I thought you were trying to show various types of tires out there.

Shell said...

Have fun tonight! I love a girls' night out.

Mellodee said...

Very nice set of photos, but the [lady....uhhh....woma....] person riding the tractor in a parade, I'm pretty sure she's really just on her way to Wal-Mart....

(Um, you do know about the People of Wal-Mart, don't you???)

Amy said...

Love the "from the road" shots! Scary about Jeff's workplace. How was the get together at Scotty's. Would be fun to join you sometime.

Mrs4444 said...

In Karen Z's Things I Learned This Week FF post, she links to Blogger Birthday get-togethers all over the country. You should check it out!

So glad to hear Teagan's been doing well and feeling successful again!

Wow-That lady on the wow.

I hope things resolve themselves peacefully at Jeff's workplace soon!