Thursday, August 12, 2010


Thursday at dinner, as we celebrated Teagan's awesome day at school that earned her a trip to the State Fair on Friday, Christy and I were describing all the things we were excited about for the next day. I told Teagan, "And we're going to go to Hook's Drug Store and get a root beer float! Oh, Teagan! This has your name written all over it! It's a cup of root beer and they put vanilla ice cream in it! You drink it with a straw AND eat it with a spoon! You're going to love it!" She's watching me with rapt attention, eyes getting bigger and bigger. Then she says... "And they write my name on the glass??" ***** We were listening to the Glee soundtrack with the Olivia Newton John / Sue Sylvester version of "Physical." The kids are dancing away in their carseats, singing along to the chorus. I look in my rearview mirror and see Zach straining forward against the carseat straps and shaking his body back and forth. "Zachy! What are you doing?" "I making my body rock, mom!" ***** Zach was showing me his favorite things in the child care room at Little Explorers. As we walked out of the room, he pointed to the bin containing the Potato Heads. "That's Mr. Potato Head! I love Mr. Potato Head!" We walked out into the hallway and he says, "And I love Grandma!" ***** Last night, a friend's son came over to play for the evening. He was playing with Sassy and I was showing him how to run her belly. He points to her nipples and asks "What are those for?" I explain that if Sassy had ever been a Mommy, that's where she would feed her babies. Zach, watching and listening intently, then points out, "Babies come out Sassy's tail!" ***** Teagan and I were chatting about her wonderful day at school yesterday (she's been back to her "old self" since last Weds when I laid down the law) and tells me about following directions from the teachers. I make some comment about being in charge of yourself and not other kids. She then says, "Like how you and Daddy are the bosses in our family. You make the rules. You are the bosses AND you and Daddy are the lovers!" "We're the lovers? What do the lovers do?" "You decide who our family loves!" Whew... I was afraid the "where do babies come from" discussion was coming up... Photobucket


NO said...

Thank you for these! I have had a not so happy evening!!
After reading this and uploading the pictures of my son from this summer! I am much better!

Kids - they make EVERYTHING better!!

~ Christy ~

Alison said...

So, where do you rank compared to Grandma and Mr. Potato Head??

It seems like Zach's got the whole "where do babies come from" thing covered. Just send Teagan to him when the time comes!

Mellodee said...

Little Kids are so very literal! Nuance and subtlety are skills they learn much later on. They use the words they know with the best of intentions, but sometimes, they are just flat-out hysterical! Mr. Potato Head AND Grandma! HaHa!

Come to think of it I think I dated him in college!

C. Beth said...

Oh goodness, we've had the "where do babies come from?" discussion with my incredibly curious/inquisitive girl. I need to blog about that. :)

Karen M. Peterson said...

Too cute!

I think it's adorable that Teagan got excited thinking they were going to write her name on the glass.

Anonymous said...

Your kids are too darn cute! "You're the lovers" Ha!

Love the "Babies come from the tail" too.

Lola said...

I love the things that kids say.
Along the lines of the GLEE one - my daughter heard a song on the radio and said "Now THAT'S rock n roll" - it was John Mellencamp.

She also said (4 days after having her tonsils out) "Mommy, my throat is getting better because I can hear the voices again". I may need to take her to a different doctor now. . .