Friday, August 27, 2010

Feeling Good in My Friday Birthday Afterglow

Mommy's Idea First and foremost- I had an awesome birthday!! The celebrating began Weds night when Christy took me out to Chatham Tap for a glass of wine, appetizer, dessert. We sat outside on the patio and enjoyed the gorgeous evening. Have you noticed the amazing full moon?? It must have been ordered up just for my birthday, right? Same with the incredibly beautiful weather we had here yesterday- blue skies, sunshine, 78 degrees. I received 1 present- a cookbook called Crave by Maureen McKeon. It's amazing. Christy gave it to me. A co-worker friend brought in cinnamon rolls and a birthday balloon. After work, Jeff, Christy, the kids and I had dinner at my favorite sushi place- Wild Ginger. Christy and I also enjoyed a wine tasting at Chateau Thomas (right next door). I received more birthday greetings than I could count. I had at least 2 voicemails of people singing to me, my boss' boss sang to me (briefly), Teagan sang to me and numerous co-workers wished me a happy day. Tonight, I'm going out with a group of friend to celebrate another friend's birthday, too! Best of all is my gift from my husband. I love that man. He is taking me out Saturday night. And I have no idea what we are doing or where we are going. I need to dress up. He's making all the decisions and arrangements- from babysitter to plans. I am so excited and so looking forward to it. This is seriously something I've wanted for a long time!! Birthday celebrations and expressions of love and caring make me feel good! ***** I found a great way to look thin in pictures! Check it out! Position yourself behind beautiful flowers! Family pictures make me feel good!

My Aunt Kathy wanted me to make sure that everyone who read the iPad post knows that she isn't an old lady. She sent me a recent pic that shows her lovely smile- and her entire tomato harvest from her backyard garden. All 2 cherry tomatoes!

My Aunt Kathy and her 2 tomatoes make me feel good!

***** I know a single mom who is really struggling right now and I don't know the best way to help her. Time and money. Too many jobs, not enough down time, expenses coming up for her child that might stress the budget. Minimal help from the father. It hurts my heart to see her struggling and I wish I could do something for her. She's come a long way in the past year and the road certainly isn't easy but she is strong and courageous. Women like her make me feel good. ***** Do youhave a post you wrote this week that you are really proud of? Something that... if a new reader came along, THIS is the post you'd want them to read because it really refelcts you or your blog? If so, link up tomorrow for Saturday Sampling hosted by Mrs4444. I've found some great reads out there through this meme!! Connecting to others through their words makes me feel good! ***** I posted a series of links and videos this week and there was a YouTube video of an animation done for the StoryCorps project that NPR does. It's an amazing series- I love it. And that video, which I sincerely hoped you clicked over and watched, touched me so very deeply- Danny and Annie. Anytime there are people who can love each other through difficult, impossible times... even if it means they don't both get to come out of it together... it's deeply touching and it's what I hope and believe I have in my marriage. StoryCorps has another one that touched me- this time, a husband and wife talking about his early stages of Alzheimer's and how it impacts him and their marriage. Please go listen if you can. You can read it but to listen to it, you really get the emotion between these 2 people. Love in the truest sense- love that is chosen in hard times- makes me feel good. ***** Photobucket


Melanie said...

Wonderful FGF! I'll be waiting to hear about that outing on Saturday night! Great husbands make life wonderful : )

jensays (what would jen do) said...

how exciting, he's making all the plans. I hope you have a great time on your night out.

Garret said...

Great post Liz. Hi to your YOUNG and pretty damn hot Aunt Kathy. :-)

I must remember the flower in the way of the gut idea. Good photography!

Well, a day off and I have so much to do, so much to blog about and what feels like so little time.

Kristin - The Goat said...

I listened to Danny and Annie - thanks so much for that link. I got all sidetracked though - posted that video to my Facebook account, then did a few more things - totally forgetting that I was reading here!

Thanks so much for that link it made me feel good :) I enjoyed all of your feel good fragments.

Kristin - The Goat

dollycas aka Lori said...

A wonderful post!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Enjoy your date night and tell us all about it next week!!!


Shell said...

going to have to remember the trick of hiding behind flowers!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday! Here after you fanned me on FB and see that we have a few common links in the bloggy world. And in the fitness world - good job, woman! Right there with you, only I'm about 4 inches shorter so it looks worse on me!

Anonymous said...

First and foremost: YOU ARE THIN!!!

Ok now...

Great post! I am excited for you tomorrow night! What a super sweet husband.

Also, yes I want to read about your Aunt and I will. I saved the link you sent, but since the Linky isn't working on my site you know what that means???? MORE TECHY STUFF to do! Grrr!!!

Bill Lisleman said...

well you can't get too many so - Happy Birthday!

I discovered a way to look 20 years younger that I shared on my blog this past week.

So you are a NPR listener - do you listen to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me ? I'm a big fan of that one.

Unknown said...

This made me cry. I just love how you look at life Liz. I love how you choose joy and you make the world a better place. You are magnificent. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays.

P.S. you don't need flowers to make you look skinny. You look amazing.

Karen MEG said...

Great fragments and happy belated birthday.
Brilliant strategy with the flowers, by the way. Heh.

Carolee Hollenback said...

Geez, I hope hubby knows what he's doing :-)

Visiting from Friday Frags- a little late. We have no internet at camp!

Have a great week!

Mrs4444 said...

YOU make me feel good. Love you. Miss you. Sorry I missed your birthday!

Thanks for the shout-out for SS!

Off to visit that link!