Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Food: The Battle

I'm rocking the running thing. I feel really good about where I've come from and where I am and where I'm going. I hit the gym or get out and run almost 5 days of each work week. Some weeks it's 4 but most weeks it's 5. If I don't go out and run, I'm doing speed work and strength training. I get out on the weekends and run in my neighborhood. I try to get the kids out for a walk. I try to get the entire family out to walk and throw in some light jogging, too. I've got the active thing down. Food is my battle. I have been a slacker. I had really good control of food for a while and then I let that control slip. I figured I was doing ok. I figured that I was keeping track in my head. I had a general enough idea of what I was eating, right? Besides, I was running and working out so it's ok to go a little overboard, right? Yeah... not so much. When I keep track in my head, I can easily forget things. I can also easily make excuses and come up with lots of reasons to have another cookie, to have a few fries, to finish the kids' chicken nuggets. I have no inkling of my calorie intake. I convince myself that I deserve an indulgence. In the spring, my food was so tightly on track, it was insane. Without realizing it, I was eating clean. I was avoiding most processed, packaged foods and sticking with whole, raw foods. My diet consisted of lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Between that diet and the running, the pounds melted away. Now... with those indulgences... with no tracking going on... Well, my weight hasn't changed. My pants are loose. My body is still changing in reaction to all the exercise. But it's time to get back on track. For the past few days, I've been logging my food on's Daily Plate. And I'm going to keep logging my food for the weeks to come until it becomes easy and habitual again. Anyone else working to get back on track? I'd love support and I'd love to support you! Photobucket

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