Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things I Don't Like (FitCity: Indy Monumental 5K)

Gory slasher films
Old people falling down
Country music
Liver & Onions
Liverwurst (especially Braunsweiger)
Black licorice
Rodents as pets
My ex-husband
High heels
Uncomfortable clothing
Make up
Air travel with kids
Coming up with lists of things I don't like

If you really just have to have more words from me- you can find me writing about something I do like over at FitCity...


46:26 in June (Fishers Freedom Festival 5K)

43:47 in September (Wine At The Line- Mallow Run Winery 5K)

42:22 in November (Indianapolis Monumental 5K)

I have to say that I feel more like a runner this time around than ever before.

Maybe it was being in the company of so many other runners.  Maybe it was setting my own personal best time.  Maybe it was going out to run with a giant crowd of people at o’dark thirty at an outdoor temp in the upper 20′s. 

But when I finished this 5K, I felt like a runner. 

I didn’t run the entire way.  But my pace was under 14 minutes per mile.  I didn’t walk slowly when I walked- I maintained a brisk pace with a long stride. 

This was the first 5K event for the Indianapolis Monumental.  This was the 3rd annual Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and Half Marathon.

A 5K is 3.1 miles.  A half marathon is 13.1 miles.  A marathon is 26.2 miles.   I want one of those circle stickers in my car with a 13.1 inside it.

That’s me above and my friend Christy (above right), and my friendEmily (I met her thanks to Fit City!).

My running friend, Christy, and I picked up our packets at the convention center on Friday and did a quick swing through the Expo.  That was definitely an excitement builder- to see so many people who were so excited about the event was definitely contagious.  I was very apprehensive about the weather.  I just started my running career in late February.  I ran indoors on a treadmill for the first 6 weeks.  Running outdoors in spring temps was a tough transition.  I ran outdoors for part of the summer but stuck to that treadmill for the hot and muggy months.  I’ve been running indoors and outdoors this fall.  But nothing came close to preparing me for running on a bitter cold morning. 

I spent Thursday and Friday learning everything I could about gear I might need.  I decided to buy a headband to keep my ears warm and I took a pair of 2-for-$1 stretchy gloves to keep my fingers warm.  My friend surprised me with a pair of running pants she had picked up for me the night before- I only own capris for running.  The general rule is to not wear any brand new gear in a race but I was willing to risk it for the sake of my shin skin.

The best part of those pants was that she handed me the Large and I put them on and they were too big!  Thankfully, she had also purchased a Medium which I wore and was very happy with.  

Here is what I really loved about this race… I felt a sense of camaraderie with the people around me.  We didn’t talk or connect but I felt like I was part of the pack.  There were 2 women at the end- we had all 3 been running pretty much alone but keeping with each other for most of the course- and we chatted and congratulated each other as we neared the finish line.  There were people downtown who came out to cheer on the runners and they didn’t just come out to cheer on the distance runners doing the half or full marathon.  They came out to our 5K course and cheered us on.  I loved the boost I got when someone would shout out words of encouragement!

I also loved seeing people of all levels of fitness.  Slow runners, new runners, experienced runners, fast runners, slow walkers, fast walkers.  Some in groups or pairs, some singles.  I especially love seeing parents with their kids- and even entire families out there together.

I met up with Christy at the finish line (she’s a much faster runner than I am- she finished in 33:31).  She had started the race with a friend I made through Fit City- Emily (who finished in about 36 minutes! edit: 35 minutes!)- and they were both waiting at the finish line to cheer me on.  I was greeted at the finish line by a volunteer putting a participant medal around my neck.  I proudly wore my t-shirt all afternoon.  I have an official poster that has my name on it (along with countless other participants).  I wrote more about some of the details of the day on my personal blog, Eternal Lizdom.

I am a runner.  I have goals and accomplishments.  I have pain- and I like it.  If you had told me 8 months ago… or even 2 weeks ago… that I was going to go out and run in freezing temps, I would have laughed for 3 seconds and then punched you in the nose.  But guess what?  I did it.  And if I can get out and run in that chilly weather, I feel like I can achieve the other goals I’ve set for myself.  I will run a 10K, a 15K, and then a half marathon.

I’m going to get that sticker.


kbiermom said...

A loud cricket in the kids' bedroom. Must have struck a Garfield deal w/ the cats.

Collette said...

I got a good giggle out of the fact that I like most of the things you don't like! lol How did we become friends? ;)

Garret said...

What's wrong with old people falling down? Many a video has made it to America's Funniest Home Videos. ;-)

Eternal Lizdom said...

@kbierman Your cricket reminds me of any noise that I can't identify the source of. Can't find the cricket, can't find the water, can't find the beep...

@Collette Our friendship is safe because you've never invited me to a country music concert where they only serve rum and milk with black licorice straws and push old people down and throw spiders at them.

@Garret That is exactly where that comes from! I grimace when I see old people falling. We love AFV and crack up at most of it- but old people falling is just not all that funny for me.

Lola said...

Velveeta? how does one hate velveeta. If it wasn't for the non-healthful, overly caloric value of it- I'd eat an entire block on the regular. :) I even made fudge with Velveeta (yes, you read that right)

I like Bologna too, and heels and makeup. The rest of it, though, I'm with you.

I used to like Malls- until I visited one this past Saturday as a grown adult with my 4 yr old. I realized how annoying I must have been as a teenager hanging out at the mall because I was surrounded by such creatures.

Eternal Lizdom said...

@Lola Blergh on velveeta! I tried about a year ago to like it- tried casserole recipes that used it. I just can't stand that fake cheese taste. And isn't it funny to wonder how we came across as teens? People must have hated me...

Alison said...

So what prompted this list, since you didn't enjoy it? I have to admit, I used to love Velveeta & bologna sandwiches when I was a kid. I probably still do, but haven't touched Velveeta for decades, and see no reason to have it in the house.

I'm with you on the spiders and AFV thing. Except I don't care how old they are, watching anybody fall down (unless it's unusually spectacular and totally deserved) just makes me cringe. And really, it's just not. that. funny.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Flartus, I am sometimes struck by things other people like that I'm not really a fan of. I'm fascinated how we can all have such varying tastes. So I started making a little list, just for fun. Got all the way to 18 and felt like I had to have 2 more to round it out to 20... and really struggled to find that very last one... so the making a list part became it!

Bill Lisleman said...

So would that be Old people falling down in the Malls having drunk too much Rum with Country music playing in the background?
I think I just described a nightmare scarier than a slasher film.

I don't like lists.

Unknown said...

Air travel with kids??? Really? Geesh, I enjoy that, as long as I have a bottle of Benedryl handy (for them, and possibly for me)...

Velveeta..."Food of the Gods" is what my Jeff calls it.

High heels...girl, find a pair that really fit well and they can transform you into a sexy feelin' momma!

Rum...REALLY? Man, this, above all else saddens me. Captain and coke....Malibu and diet coke (my new favorite drink, by the way)...rum punch...rum cream. Oh, the joys of rum are endless!

I like your list...it makes me laugh!

kbiermom said...

...can't find the ssqueak of the squeak or rattle in the van on a long trip... That one drives my dh (and everyone else, by association) insane!