Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting To Know Me

I want to add a page to those tabs up there. I want to do an "About Me" tab and I want to introduce who I am and also share links to posts that are some of my best or that really speak to who I am, who my family is, and so on. I'd love your input. Several of you have read from early on... I have at least 1 reader who started reading and went back and read every post (I've asked her for her fave posts and she's given me her input). What are some of your favorite posts? Even if you just give me an idea of something I've written that has stayed with you... I want a comprehensive feel of who I present myself to be on this blog. Thank you! Photobucket


Alison said...

You did a series in March you've got tagged "Life of Lizdom" that I think covers a lot. Plus, I loved the Big Secret at the end. ;)

(So if Jeff found out that you'd been abducted by aliens and Teagan isn't his, but half-alien, do you think he'd be upset, or think it was really cool? lol!)

C. Beth said...

Was the Big Secret about housecleaning? That was one of my favorites.