Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Last day of Teagan's summer break.

Last day for me to go to the Indiana State Fair.

Last Tuesday that my daughter is an elementary school student.

Last day of Teagan and Zach being together like this.

Last night, we visited Teagan's school.  It was chaos.  We didn't know where to go or what we were supposed to do first.  We started in the cafeteria while most people went for classrooms first.  Teagan got to meet 3 very nice cafeteria women who were very excited to hear who Teagan's teacher was.  We found her classroom, met the teacher, found her desk, unloaded her school supplies.  We visited the special classes- art, music, gym.  We visited the before and after care program. 

It all feels good.

The build up of all the stress and anxiety was too much for Teagan and she had a giant meltdown when we left.  But once she got all the shrieks and tears outs, she was in much better spirits.

Today, we celebrate our last day of summer break with a trip to the State Fair. 

I've got an order for picture prints so that Zach and Teagan will each have a small photo album of our summer fun to keep in their backpacks.

Lots of change and transition this week.  Lots of lasts.  Lots of firsts.



Jennifer Pollard said...

Love the photo album idea!! :o)

Flesworthy said...

I agree with the first Jennifer...the photo albums are such a great idea!

Enjoy your lasts and good luck with your firsts this week.

Jessica Nunemaker from little Indiana said...

Sounds like an exciting and tiring week!

But, you know what they say--Fair Food makes it better! ;)

Bill Lisleman said...

The high wind tragedy must have put a damper on the mood at the fair. Have a great time.

Katherine said...

I love the photo album idea. We are visiting my boys' school tonight. Luckily, we already know our way around, but it will be the first time for my youngest.

Liz Mays said...

What a scary and exciting time at your place! I hope you have a blast at the fair today!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I remember being terrified on my first day of 1st grade. Of course, it was 6 weeks into the school year...

This is such an exciting time for Teagan. She's going to love it!