Friday, August 12, 2011


I have at least 2 more State Fair posts to share but there is something weighing on me today that I need to sort through.  And blogging always seems to be a good thing when I 've got something to get off my chest.

I'm feeling very unprepared for First Grade.

Today is Teagan's last day at Little Explorers.  She has been going there for 2 years.  This was the first non-home based place we chose to take care of our kids while we are at work.  This is the place we chose as the first place of education for our kids.  And today is her very last day there. 

Thankfully, we aren't leaving the school behind since Zach will still attend. 

The next week or so is cram packed with activities and preparations for changes.  I'm not sure I can keep it all straight. 

Tonight, there needs to be some shopping.  One of the many transitions happening in the next week is that my baby brother, Daniel, is starting college.  He'll be 2 hours away from home (that's the farthest any of the 3 of us went).  The school housing is like apartment- 6 guys, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom.  He's going to need cleaning supplies.  Big time.  I'm also wanting to hit Goodwill to see if there is a lockable trunk or something similar.  Maybe a few other odds and ends.

Tomorrow, there is a big family gathering/dinner at my mom's house.  I have aunts and cousins traveling from all over the country to be there.  I'll get some time with Daniel to work on some preparations for going off to school.  My kids will have plenty of fun time with Grandma since 2 of my aunts will be taking over the kitchen to do all the cooking. 

Sunday, I am teaching Sunday School at church for the very first time.  I'm not nervous but I am excited but also feeling a little stretched with taking on a new ministry at my church.  I have to sacrifice time with music team to do this but there is a need and I do love these kids so...

Next week, I'm out of the office all week.  I'm on vacation Mon, Tues, Fri and in all day, off site training Weds, Thurs. 

Monday is prep time for Teagan.  Haircut, inventory of clothing and possible shopping for things still needed, organization of stuff to make the week ahead as smooth as possible.  Monday evening is an ice cream social at the school where we will finally learn EVERYTHING we need to know about first grade.  We currently know nothing.  We don't know how the before and after care program works (even though we're signed up and paid for).  We don't know how the cafeteria works.  We don't know who the teacher is.  We don't know about bus schedules.  We don't know anything.  It's very frustrating to have Teagan asking me questions that I can't answer.

Tuesday is our Final Fun Day of Summer Break.  Do you even have to ask where we're going?  Duh! The Indiana State Fair for another $2 Tuesday!

Wednesday. *GULP*  The first day of First Grade.  It will be a new morning routine.  Thankfully, my boss is very understanding and I've got a pass to be late for that training.  After Monday night, we'll have a better idea of what Weds morning will look like. 

I'm anxious and excited for Teagan.  I'm worried for Zach.  He's expressing a lot of unhappiness about Teagan not being with him at Little Explorers.  Thankfully, I know the teachers and staff there are well aware of his feelings and will take good care of him during this transition.

Friday, I'm off on an overnight trip to downtown Indianapolis with a big group of women from my church for the Women of Faith conference.  I won't be home until end of day/evening on Saturday.  It should be fun but the timing is stressful.

What's funny to me is that I am personally feeling stressed about how Teagan will get along with a whole new set of peers.  I'm worrying about things that don't usually matter to me- Does she have cool enough clothes?  Do first graders even worry about that?  Will it matter that she doesn't care about Justin Bieber?  Is she going to feel awkward, shy, or out of place?  Is there something I should be doing to help with that? 

I don't think there is a way to fully prepare for this.  Or to even capture all of the transitions and changes and adjustments that will be happening in the coming few weeks. 

All I know is that we're taking it all one step at a time and that I'm doing my best to only focus on the true priorities and on the things I know I have at least some control over.  For everything else, I'm just going to pray!



Alison said...

I'm betting the more you worry about the transition, the more Teagan & Zach will too. The more you treat it like a fun new adventure, the more they will. I'm sure Teagan will be one of the leaders in her new group. (Easy for me to say, right?)

You could try telling Zach that now he can finally have his own school adventures, and then he'll have something new to share with Teagan at the end of the day. Y'know, like they could have story time in the car or over dinner--Zach tells about one thing that happened, then Teagan.

On the other hand, you have so much going on this weekend, I don't know how you'll have much time left for worrying. :)

Mellodee said...

I am pretty sure that these transitions are actually harder on the moms and dads than they end up being for the kids. You see all the potential problems and the kids are able to take things you worry about in stride, but they'll have concerns that never occurred to you. Somehow you both manage to work it all out and life will go on. This too shall pass! :)

Pandora's Box said...

As a veteran of the 1st grade transition, let me try to help you out--There will be bumps in the road. There will be some transition issues and personality conflicts at first. Teagan has a strong personality-just like Stevie does. They're going to test the limits to see what they can get away with. The worries about the cool clothes and the backpack and all that--it's normal. You just have to tell yourself that it's not going to be perfect--and then some of the stress may dissipate. After a few days and getting adjusted to the new routine and the new teacher and the new kids and all that--you'll both be fine. I found it helpful with Stevie's 1st grade teacher to exchange emails every few days at first to make sure there was nothing I wasn't aware of that needed to be addressed immediately. And just so you know--you'll go through it every year. I teared up at 2nd grade orientation today.

Liz's Mom said...

It's not really different than the transition to Little Explorers. She will be fine--and so will you. Let her tell you about her day without asking a lot of questions the first few days. You'll find out what she is thinking about.

Garret said...

It's so cute how Zach and Teagan interact! I guess it had unfortunate side effects but definitely worth it. Good luck!

Nej said...

A week off is just what the doctor ordered I think! :-)

I believe the Women of Faith conference is in Omaha this week...or maybe it was last week.'s right around now at least.

The first grade transition won't throw anything at you that you can't handle like a champ. Just take it one step at a time, and it will be great!!!

C. Beth said...

It is a big transition, and you know that I understand the concern about a younger sibling's adjustment! I hope and pray that the adjustment for all four of our kids will be EASIER than expected. :)