Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Making Dinner. That's Sexy!

I'm starting to think Jeff reads my blog (he does).

Monday, I posted about being the Visible Woman, right?  And one thing I said:

At home, I'm often looked to as the decision maker, the planner, the fixer, the one to ask, the one who knows.  Jeff is a partner in our family- don't misunderstand me.  I generally feel like I'm the one filling out all the forms, I'm the one managing the calendar, I'm the one stating what needs to be done and when.

Today, Jeff has taken charge and taken care of our family and it's left me feeling so happy and focused on more important things.

He picked up Teagan from school.  The two of them decided on what we would have for dinner and went to the store to pick up what they needed.  When I finally got home with Zach, Jeff had dinner almost done and it was easy to step in and help and get the kids started eating pretty soon after.

It's not a Huge Thing.  But it's an important thing and it was something I didn't have to worry about or think about or plan for.  He took care of it- he took care of me.

Who knew that making dinner could be sexy?



C. Beth said...

VERY sexy!! In fact, I haven't read it, but Kevin Leman has a book called Sex Begins in the Kitchen!

Katherine said...

I actually think that making dinner is a HUGE thing, especially if it results in you feeling that way.

Julie said...

I completely agree! Hubby making dinner, huge stress relief when I come in. Even having to walk him through getting it all in the crock pot is better than having to do it all when I get home.

Rebecca said...

I think that my blog bores my husband. I basically started a blog so I could let my meandering thoughts flow and have people respond to them

Anonymous said...

Anytime I don't have to make dinner, it is sexy...probably shouldn't tell that to my 14 yo son when he is doing the cooking! Don't you love it when our spouses actually hear us when we need something!

Jason, as himself said...

Sometimes husbands just need a little bit of direction.

Looks like you've got a good one!

Anne K. said...

Awesome!!! Go Jeff!

And I relate -- I love it when Allen makes dinner. :-D

Mrs4444 said...

HE did (because he's no dummy!)haha :) What a nice treat.

Alison said...

Yup, it is a huge thing! Even though Miss Chef does the vast majority of the cooking, I still feel overwhelmingly grateful every time she makes me dinner.

It is a huge thing; aren't sex and food our two most important biological drives? To take care of the food, especially in a thoughtful way, is to really take care of you--and your kids. Yeah, it's huge. :)

Nej said...

Dudes need a little reminding, a little nudge (so to speak). I find it frustrating that I have to do the nudging (on top of paying bills, cleaning the house, filling out the forms, etc - hehehehe)....but, after the fact, I wonder why I didn't say something sooner. Our hubbies are great guys!!! But, they're guys none the less. :-) :-) :-)