Thursday, August 11, 2011

Indiana State Fair: FOOD!

For many people, State Fair time means time to enjoy a completely unhealthy diet of fried, fried, and more fried foods.  It is completely possible to stay relatively healthy and indulge a little at the Fair.  It's also possible to carry your own food and stay 100% on track.  But, personally, I enjoy indulging during State Fair time.  And thanks to $2 Tuesday, I can indulge on smaller quantities for a bargain!
Everyone has their own favorites, those things that are classic Fair foods.

While I have never eaten it, I love to see the sausage and onions and pepers cooking up!

Then I see the line up of the dogs and sausages and I think I might need to try one on my next trip!

There are healthy options.  I found this great salad bar.  On my list of places that I must visit is the Farmers Market Café.  It's located in the Ag/Hort Building and they offer fresh and healthier foods- even salad on a stick!

I'm a big fan of local honey.  We buy from our farmers market and I recently found out where she sells (a local natural foods/health shop in my town) during the off season.  But I always have to stop by honey producers at the State Fair!

A fun find were the honey straws.  My kids buy honey straws at the market every Saturday but the honey straw selection at the Fair had flavors we'd never seen before- banana, mango, pineapple, pink lemonade, and more!

And I can't go to the Fair without going totally overboard on lemon shake ups.  Freshly squeezed lemons, tons of sugar, ice, water- yum!  My new favorite drink at the Fair is the LIME SHAKE UP!  I looooooove lime.  Love it.  And limeade is a favorite treat for me anytime but especially at the Fair!  To my knowledge, there is only one vendor selling lime shake ups (near the gift shop, outside the cattle barn on the road that leads to the Expo Hall).

Now what can all these people be lined up for?  And why are they all wearing overalls?

Pioneer Village is a really neat part of our State Fair.  You can check out all kinds of old machinery and equipment and also check out the artisans doing leatherwork, pottery, copper work, blacksmithing, woodcarving, and much more.  This is the place to get maple syrup, sorghum, and more.  The Pioneer Village people dress in costume appropriate to setting the scene.  There is a hearty meal served for all the workers at the end of the day- cooked up by the women-folk.  This looks delicious and I wish it was available to buy for my own dinner!

What is your favorite Fair food?  Do you go classic with elephant ears, corn dogs, roasted corn and funnel cake?  Do you find unique treats like tomato juice, sorghum cookies, and tomato balls?  What are the traditional Fair foods in your area?


Leontien said...

Well... I have never been to the state fair... yeah i know! (bad bad girl) BUT this year i'm gonna try and some of the foods you showed looked really yummy!


Garret said...

Mmmmmmmmm fair sausage... Love it.

Nej said...

Elephant Ears. Until someone from Ohio started working with me, I would never have known what they were. Must be a more eaternly thing? :-)

I remember always wanting to stop and get a real cherry coke when I went to the fair as a kid. Yummy!

Salad bar, at a fair? It just seems so wrong...yet so good....all at the same time. :-)

Alison said...

Salad at a fair? What fresh sacrilege is this?

Still, I can NOT BELIEVE you didn't share a picture of salad on a stick. I'm wondering how they do it possible to serve something on a stick that is not deep-fried??

Elephant ears were always my favorite (surprise? I grew up in Ohio!), but a couple of years ago I realized I am no longer capable of consuming an entire one. It's really shaken my perception of the world, and I'm not sure I can face another fair...

Who am I kidding? There's always FUNNEL CAKE!!

Katherine said...

The Iowa State Fair starts today - hopefully we will make it there this year. I'll have to admit it: I don't even attempt to eat healthy at the fair. It's a time for a little indulgence - deep fried Snickers and deep fried cheese curds. Although this year, I'm going to try the deep fried fresh pineapple.

Unknown said...

Your ideas are great. Once you've been to the fair, working, nearly every day it's opened, you either start carrying your own lunch or look for something other than fried foods.

I'm a big farn of the Pork and Beef tents. I also eat at the Dairy Bar alot! Hard to pass up the grilled cheese.

I hadn't yet found the lime shakeups but am going to look for it now! I too love anything with lime!!

Pastor Jennifer said...

Funnel Cakes, and new this year: Strawberry Lemon Shake-Ups! :o)