Monday, December 22, 2008

The Nutcracker

It's a holiday tradition for many and it looks like it will be for us as well.
Teagan has been learning little modified versions of several of the dances in her Saturday morning dance class.
And we recorded the Great Performances presentation of the San Francisco Ballet's performance.
She wants to watch it daily. She wants to listen to the music all the time (good thing we found the CD to buy her as a Christmas gift).
This past Saturday, the parents were invited into the studio to watch the girls' class. They did some warm ups and then Miss Katie led them through all of the Nutcracker dances they'd learned. Basically the entire first act.
It was the best Nutcracker I've ever seen.
Teagan finagled her way to getting the starring role- Clara. That's my stage bound gal! Fight your way to the top and then act really surprised by it!
Clara... greeting her guests as they arrive for the Christmas party.
Clara, dancing with her Nutcracker.
Clara, throwing her shoe at the Rat King. And Clara's shoe hits the mark! The Rat King falls!
The Arabian Dance
The Chinese Dance
The Russian Dance.
The Flower Dance Leaping flowers, full of joy!
I know this will come as a surprise... but I put some pictures of the SF Ballet's production in amongst the pictures of Teagan. It's so hard to tell them apart, isn't it?
And just some bonus shots. Of my beautiful ballerina. I think she is often at her happiest when she is dancing. Her concentration, her focus, her joy, her smiles.


Anonymous said...


What a great thing to read on a snowy, cold Monday morning. I seriously will NEVER get enough of your pictures of the little ballerina that is Teagan. She is BEYOND sweet when she's dancing - her expressions and her look of innocence always make me do the "awww" out loud. Her little outfits are adorable and when she's jumping she just looks like that's the only place she wants to be. I'm going to look at the pictures again LOL

Eternal Lizdom said...

Lynn- I feel the same way!! I assumed it was because I was biased. Ha!

Garret said...

You're not biased. Excellent post, excellent photos!


yodaobi said...

absoultely BEEEAUTIFUL!
Makes me want to have a little girl


Boozy Tooth said...

Absolutely precious. What beautiful photos and what joy in the faces of the dancers. Teagan is destined for greatness you know.

Joanie said...

Oh how sweet! Thanks for sharing, Liz!

mimbles said...

Liz, she's utterly adorable!

Mary Ellen said...

What a beautiful child, and the expressions on her face when she's dancing are priceless! I won't be surprised to see her on the big stage someday.

Lisa said...

Oh my, isn't she adorable?! Great pics!

Amy W said...

She has got to be the happiest little flower I ever saw! Those pictures are all priceless!

Anonymous said...

Liz, your daughter is absolutely beautiful. I've wandered over from Jim & Garret's RV to view your joyful blog. Thank you for sharing your pictures, and your love for your family. My own "little ballerina" is now 17, and I truly miss the little part. May you have a joyous Christmas,

Mrs4444 said...

Totally precious.