Sunday, June 16, 2013

Disney: Magic Moments

The really awesome thing about Disney is that magic sometimes just pops up at the exact moment that you need something to shift your day.  And cast members are all about making that magic happen.

It might come from an extra long hug from a favorite character - who then continues to reach for your hand even after you sit back down.

It might come from a bus driver who is training another bus driver and takes the time to entertain your kids.

Or you might get super lucky and have a big magical moment.  For us, it was the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.  We hadn't really had it on our list of things to do - figured it would be too much for Zach.  But we were exhuasted, had just had a great dinner, didn't know what to do next or again and decided to go check it out.  We figured we could sit near the back and just rest and compose ourselves, at least.

We approach the netrance and the cast member working the entrance pulls us aside and asks the kids if they would like a special job in the show.  Teagan eagerly says yes and Zach immediately says no.  After a LOT of coaching and a little bit of bribery, the kids got to be Junior Directors.  They opened the show and we got special reserved seating right near the front!  It put us on a high after a long and hot day!


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Tracy said...

Disneyworld always has magical moments. Glad you were able to capture yours on tape.