Friday, June 14, 2013

Mary Poppins

I've always been a fan of the movie and the music.  I can sing every song.

I loved seeing the musical with Teagan a few years ago.

But meeting Mary Poppins with Teagan was an experience not to be forgotten.

Prior to our trip, we watched Mary Poppins.  As we watched, Teagan took notes.  Knowing she would be meeting Mary Poppins, she had questions and wanted answers.  We made sure to pack her notes and also talked about having a "top 3" questions in case Mary Poppins couldn't spend a lot of time with us.

At our breakfast, Mary Poppins was the 3rd character to come to our table.

We got a picture.

Teagan asked her main question - what was Mary's favorite part of her movie?  Mary's answer - Jane and Michael's family becoming a happy family that loved each other and wanted to be together.  I then explained that the last time we watched her movie, Teagan had taken notes and I held up the note cards...

Mary looked... intrigued.  Flattered.  And then she knelt beside Teagan and read and answered every single question.  Every one.

And ended it all with a very sweet and genuine hug for my girl.

Mary Poppins now holds a special place in our hearts!!



KPCL Girl said...

No comment. What is there to say? Except that, maybe, I'm a little jealous... And wish that I could be...6 (?) again....

Amy said...

That is so awesome. When my Annie was about 4 years old, she had an imaginary friend named happened to coincide with her Mary Poppins fascination. Love that Teagan took notes during the movie.

Beth said...


dont leave us hanging! I wanna know if the answers!