Monday, June 17, 2013

Disney: Most Important Lesson

There is a little tagline people like to use when talking about Walt Disney...

"It all started with a mouse."

And it did.  Oswald.  Mortimer (to become Mickey).

But at Hollywood Studios, we watched Walt Disney: One Man's Dream.  You walk through a museum, a timeline of the life and work of Walt Disney.  Then you watch a 15 minute movie about his life.

And that's where we learned the most important thing about Disney World.  And it has nothing to do with a mouse.

Walt Disney had all his time and money tied up in the company, in the movies, in the characters.  However, he gave every Saturday to his daughters - Daddy and Daughter Day.  They would go out and find fun things for the girls to do.  And Walt realized that he wanted to find a place where they could go and have fun together.

So he created that place - Disneyland.

A place where the family could go and have fun together.

In moments of exhaustion and heat and hunger and frustration... I kept going back to the reason Disneyland and Disney World were created.  To have a place where families could go and have fun together.

And for the most part, that's what we did!


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Garret said...

This Disney "series" was written so well. You avoided the "Day 1, we did this and this". You categorized it. Nice going!