Thursday, April 3, 2014

Menu Plan: April 6

Planning to cook Sunday through Thursday this week.  We have plans in place for Friday evening and we have dinner at church on Wedsnesday, as usual.

We've had a bit of an adventure when it comes to the plan to have Adobo chicken.  If I remember correctly, the firsst week that it was on the menu, we had illness interfere with cooking plans.  Then it was on the menu again this last week - we only had 2 nights planned to cook over spring break.  One night would be scampi chicken and then a taco night with the adobo chicken.  Unfortunately, I forgot to set up the crock pot.  Fortunately, Jeff was home with the kids and he remembered the crock pot! Unfortunately, he mixed up the chickens from the freezer and ended up cooking the scampi chicken with a jar of salsa.  So we're going to try again since the adobo seasoned chicken is still in the freezer.

Cheesy Chicken Crescent Rolls

General Tso's Chicken (modifying to do in the crock pot) with brown rice.

Pasta night has no recipe - we'll do spaghetti, make meat sauce.  Salad, maybe garlic bread.

Wednesday is pizza night at church - always a favorite.

And Thursday is "Third Time's a Charm Adobo Chicken."  Chicken is prepped, just need to set up the crock pot that morning to cook it.  And we will do it up taco night style again!

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